Indoor TV Antenna ?

Maria asks…

clearvue tv booster antenna review?

Does anyone have any experience using this tv booster antenna? I live in LA and would like to use it with a second TV now that it is hooked up to a digital converter box. Thanks.

admin answers:

There’s no problem with adding a 2nd TV set to a booster, but it does split the total power output to 1/2 for each TV set.
All you have to do is SPLIT the signal AFTER the booster.

I will suggest you buy a DISTRIBUTION Amp to keep the signal constant, and use that instead of a splitter.

The booster boosts….the distribution amp distributes. They both serve a purpose.

Nancy asks…

Indoor TV Antenna? Where can I get a good one? I live in Chicago. We got over 25 free stations. Brands? Stores

Why is it that there is virtually no advertizing for tv antennas? <Most of what I bought is lousy. I think there must be a magazine, or store, or manufacturer getting ready for the digital switch. I’ve heard that antenna tv with the digital converter has outstanding reception, great sound, and a superior picture quality. Yet, I’ve heard nothing NOTHING! about who makes a good indoor tv antenna. And why not? Cable is a bad as having a high credit card bill. I watch basic channels, the TWC, in Chicago CLTV, and maybe History or Discover or fishing. Other t han that, on cable I only watch maybe 5 or 6 out of nearly 100 non-free channels. So, who, what company, has anyone reviewed good quality indoor tv asntennas, and if not why NOT? Besides, with the USA economy being so bad, people are going to be cancelling cable and needing tv by antenna sooner than the digital complet conversion. I personally think, they are milking Americans of as much money as possible, before tv conversion.

admin answers:

I use an indoor powered antennae. They cost about $35 at Wal-Mart or Best Buy. I’m 50-75 miles from 2 major cities and I get all kinds of stations – VHF and UHF. Don’t worry about the brands – there will only be one or two. I’ve owned several and had good luck with all.

Steven asks…

Can a digital tuner VCR or combo replace the converter box when using an outside antenna’ed analog TV?

I have newish TV, old VCR, both analog. Tried the converter boxes and don’t like them. Can I buy a digital tuner VCR or a combo and continue to record on the VCR into the switch next year? Reviews I read say, in many new combos, the VCR will remain analog and will not record digital programming in 2009. So what’s the digital tuner for? Don’t want to pay for cable, satellite or tivo because I don’t watch much on TV.

admin answers:

The VCR is put in combo units mostly so people can play their old VHS tapes.

There is no good reason why they can’t be designed so you could record on with the DVD burner or VCR. I suppose they save a few $ in parts by leaving out the VCR recording capability.

The idea is that you would record programs on DVDs. Walmart sells DVD recorders that have both DVD burners and hard drives. You can record to either DVDs or to the hard drive.

In any case, you can use a DVD recorder with digital tuner instead of a converter box, but you will not be able to record one channel while watching another. You can even daisy chain your old VCR between the DVD recorder and TV and record on your old VCR.

If you are going to stick with your old TV, I suggest that you get a DVD recorder with digital tuner and hard drive. If you think you will want to watch one channel while watching another, set things up so you can watch one channel on a converter box while recording on the DVD/hard drive.

I have the Zenith/Insignia model and think it’s fine. In the next couple of months a new model will become available (“DTVPal”) that would let you program recording digital channels on your old VCR.

What model converter did you try ?

Can you help me with my reception problems ?

Lisa asks…

can you help me with my reception problems. Can I hook my sirius radio to my tv dish for better recpetion an?

I have a Sirius home radio and live in a hole lined with trees. I cannot get on the roof. is there a way to hook this up to the cable from my DirectTV Dish?

admin answers:

No, The music channels already on there though, are XM Radio

Helen asks…

Problems with reception on some channels with new TV Tuner Card installed?

I installed a TV Tuner Card on a GATEWAY DeskTop with a Flat Screen LCD. I’m running VISTA Ultimate and the software is VISTA compatible. Problem that I have encountered is some stations(CBS NBC FOX) are not receiving well. I added a radio shack amplifier to boost the signal which improved the reception somewhat but I am unable to fine tune for better reception. I’m accessing Internet via DSL. TV tuner software is WinTV-HVR 1600. I’m not sure if I’m not running with the proper pixel setting. I also tried viewing using the Windows Media Center but have encountered the same problem with the same Channels. Channels 7 and above come in crystal clear. Can anyone offer any suggestions. Thanks!
I’m connected directly to cable.

admin answers:

How you’re accessing the Internet isn’t important; what TV service you have is the important factor. Do you have cable TV? And the cable is connected to the TV tuner? Or do you have a non-cable TV service with your DSL provider? I have a pretty old tuner, and I have cable, and mine works well.

You might be able to contact your TV provider for advice from them.

Joseph asks…

Could a cell tower be a problem with TV reception?

There is a cell tower basicly a block from my house could it be interfering with my tv reception?

And if so, is there anything I can do to improve my signal?

admin answers:

You didn’t say if you were on cable or not.

Cell phones operate on different frequencies than TV signals. So they should not be interfering with Over The Air reception. If you are on cable and having signal quality problems, you need to call your cable company and have them fix it. You pay for quality service and should get what you pay for.

How can we differntiate between an analog and digital signal ?

Linda asks…

Why such a great picture while analog/digital simulcasting, and awful signal strength since the analog cutoff?

I bought a converter box and took a chance on an indoor HD antenna and was frankly blown away byt the results…at first. The original signal being picked up appeared to be digital because it occasionally pixelized during bad storms, and there was no snow as there was with the old rabbit ears antenna. From the day of analog shut-off, I can still get only one station [poorly] in my area.

admin answers:

First rescan for the stations. Some changed channel numbers. They may have also gone to the UHF band so you might need a (primarily) uhf antenna.

Mary asks…

How can we differntiate between an analog and digital signal?

i am writing a message to someone at internet ,,,,,,what is the process…Is there any analog digital signal conversion happening???

admin answers:

An analogue signal is one where the values are continuous. The information for a specific value is proportional to voltage, current, frequency etc.

A digital signal has the current, voltage, frequency etc. Broken into separate states that transmit information by encoding. The states represent logic signals. The information for a specific value is represented by encoding the digital states.

In this case, the computer sends a digital signal, via a serial connection of some sort, to the local network. The local network connects to the modem. If it is an ADSL modem, the modulation process converts the signals from the network into a set of symbols, made up of various tones. These represent various chunks of the serial signal from the computer, so are now a combination of digital signals transmitted simultaneously. This allows more information to be transmitted in a given bandwidth. The difference is that there are more than 2 states present at any instant. It is still digital. Other modems have related methods. The digital signal is transmitted on an analogue medium, the telephone wires.

Just to add to the confusion, there may actually be analogue to digital converters and the reverse digital to analogue converters used in the modem, as part of its method of modulating and demodulating the signals transmitted on the line or other medium such as radio.

Some would consider a modem converts analogue to digital and back again, but this is not true. It transmits digital signals through various medium, by translating them to a suitable form. The transmission itself is some form of digital modulation. This potentially enables signals to be transmitted over wires, radio, optical cable, taking advantage of the medium, with greater rate, distance and less errors than an analogue system.

Made improvements to clarify the answer.

John asks…

If you subscribe to cable or satellite services will you need a converter box to comply analog/digital?

conversion? I have an analog T.V. but have satellite service through direct tv
On February 17, 2009, all US TV broadcasters are required to turn off their older analog transmitters and be exclusively digital. .
From all those submitted? Do you know something I don’t?

admin answers:

Once you subscribe to any services you will be fine. With cable or satellite your tvs will work after February 17.

I cannot get a digital signal either ?

Chris asks…

Television Problem, Please help!!!?

My uncle bought me a TV tuner for my laptop. I was so glad because in my apartment, I have no means to watch TV. So then, I bought an indoor antenna so I could get signals from local TV channels here in my country. But when I tried it in my apartment, I can barely see the pictures of my favorite channel. The reception was very bad. I then asked my landlady if I can connect to the cable TV, she said okay but I have to add a certain amount on our rent. Its fine with me, but I think it may be illegal to split cable tv in our area. I wanted to subscribe, but I saw it was very expensive. Can there be ways that I can receive local TV signals aside from my useless indoor antenna? Or should I just share cable privileges at a price? Your help will be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

admin answers:

I’d share cable privileges at a price. Make sure, however- that your landlady gives you a receipt that clearly shows the added charges & what they’re for & save it along with all future ones. That way- if she’s splitting it illegally- it will be your landlady that will get fined for it; not you.

Helen asks…

my freeview used to have a good signal now it has a poor signal (please read)?

the last few months its been crap now i cant get most of my channels why?

all my channels used to work great i could get nearly every channel i was happy but now i cant get most of my channels including the main popular channels like itv/itv+1 channel 4 channel 5 sometimes bbc depending on where my aerial is pointing all the main 1s that should be there are not there i have rescanned my freeview box and now i have lost all the channels that didnt work due to a poor signal i have moved my aerial about and sum direction i get some channels that didnt work but then the other channels that did work now dont before i had my aerial in 1 position and every channel worked ive check all the wires scart aerial and power there is nothing wrong there i just don’t get it is the satellite not in my area at the moment??

that’s the only thing i can think of yeah there’s a digital switch over but as am all digital i shouldn’t have any problem unless i get help here am stuck to watching crap tv and paying for a tv licence is disgusting with the reception am getting

set up:
onn digital freeview box (2 yr old)
digital roof aerial (in my bedroom) only 1 year old never been outside
and a sanyo widescreen tv (5+ yr old)

my outdoor aerial is not ment for indoor use but it did used to work fine for about a year in my bedroom i could get every channel that existed

Seeing the words (No Signal) is doing my head in if this tv wasnt so big id throw it out the window

HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
oooooooo i live in uk newcastle northeast

admin answers:

I think I’m right to say that your aerial needs to be pointed toward the transmitter for the multiplex in your region. Even when the aerial is fixed to your roof, bad weather can affect its orientation and lead to a loss of signal. The fact that its in your bedroom suggests to me that it isn’t fixed down and you have probably only been getting a good signal to date by chance and you have moved it without realising. Try adjusting the aerial, the old-fashioned way!

Jenny asks…

I cannot get a digital signal either.?

I live in a rural area and cannot get cell phone reception or broadband internet service at my home because it is in a valley and surrounded by trees. However I was always able to receive the local stations on my analog TV set with my antenna.

I recently bought a set top converter box and switched to digital only to find a had a very weak or no signal. Either way the weak signal showed multiple colored squares and no picture that I could make out and the sound skipped so much I couldn’t hear either.

I believe someone is going to have to solve this problem before Feb 2009 or alot of us will be without a public service.

admin answers:

First, try a better antenna. Digital works differently than analog. With digital, if you have a poor signal, it will look like nothing is there. Check , put in your ZIP code and you will get a list of digital stations in your area and guidance on choosing an antenna and where to aim it. This solves many of the reception problems.

Don’t fall for the “digital” or “HD” antennas. There is nothing about an antenna that makes it “digital” or “HD; this is all marketing hype. An antenna is made for a set of channels (frequencies), it doesn’t care about what’s on the channels. It’s just a dumb piece of metal.

Choose a good quality VHF/UHF TV antenna like we have been using for the last 50 years.

I hope this helps. Please return and select a Best Answer from all of those submitted.

digital converter box/tv setup ?

Lisa asks…

My government mandated tv digital converter box has an inadequate signal. What can I do?

I have a 20 inch Phillips bedroom TV with a direct current amplified rabbit ear antenna which cost 30 dollars at Radio Shack. The reception has always been borderline to fair depending on the weather and channel. With the addition of a digital converter box the signal is so weak that I can get only a couple of the main channels adequately. Is there any reasonably simple way to boost the signal strength? I live in a suburb of a large city.

admin answers:

Listen to Garrison above. Give him Best Answer. You need a better antenna.

Sandra asks…

digital converter box/tv setup?

i have a sansui tv with the following connections on the rear: audio/video in and out, ant. 75 ohm(a coaxial connection),s video.
I have a ge digital converter box and have it interfaced with the tv as per instructions. Problem is, I am only getting one channel(channel 8) and three different versions of it to boot! i am not getting any more channels. I have a radio shack hdtv antenna interfaced with the digital converter box also. HELP!
THNX in advance
sue in dallas tx usa

admin answers:

The problem is your antenna. It’s not good enough to get anything but the one channel. Consider installing an outdoor antenna if possible. That will get you the most channels. If that’s not possible, try different indoor antennas, possibly by taking advantage of Radio Shack’s or some other retailers satisfaction guaranteed return policy.

Sandy asks…

analog to digital signal for TV receptions sucks?

I bought a cheap walmart digital converter with a amp. I assumed the signal amp should be in the line that has the aerial and not in the spot it is can I purchase an in line 75 OHM digital signal booster somewhere like at radio shack and DO THEY EVEN WORK ? I want to hook directly to the line coming from the antennae then into the digital converter and the rest is the way it is set up. How much to these devices cost ?

admin answers:

Why do you think you need a signal amplifier. Those are primarily needed for long cable runs to overcome signal loss. And they need to be up on the antenna, not inside your house.

Most likely your antenna is insufficient to receive a strong signal. Contrary to what another poster said, digital TV is on both UHF and VHF, so you may need an antenna that handles both. Take a look at:

to see what channels are in your area. If any of the physical RF channel numbers are less than 14, then you need VHF capability. If your channels are over 50 miles away, then you need a REALLY good antenna.


Robert asks…


admin answers:

None really. Try a mains operated signal booster, but if your in a poor reception area like me, you will need a big external aerial

Charles asks…

How can I watch Freeview without having a cable plugged into my tv?

I have a tv in my bedroom and don’t want to run an aerial from the living room all round the house to have it plugged in to my tv. I have heard of indoor digital tv aerials/ receivers (the metal one). Is this what I need or does it just boost the signal?

admin answers:

You need an aerial, and for best results, an outdoor or loft aerial.

Indoor aerials only work if you are reasonably near the transmitters.

Ken asks…

Can I use an indoor digital aerial on a second TV without a line out?

admin answers:

Don’t tell us hat you have fallen for the old ‘Digital aerial Crap ” was it in a fancy box ! Yes you CAN use the same old aerial if it is in good cond without a line out !
Cheers Pete

Will my existing outdoor antenna work with my new digital tv tuner ?

Lisa asks…

will my existing outdoor antenna work with my new digital tv tuner?

i have a outdoor antenna that is about 10 years old but in good condition. i was wondering if digital tv tuners can get a signal using it

admin answers:

Yes, antenna does not change, just the tuner in the receiver.

David asks…

Will old outdoor antenna work to get digital tv?

Moving to a house that has the old school antenna on the roof, the kind that has a pole going all the way to the ground from the roof. It has the old split connection that use to be used before coaxial started being used. Is there any way of making it work as the antenna to be hooked to my digital converter box or should we just tear it down?

admin answers:

The antenna should work fine. Go to RadioShack & buy a 300 ohm to 75 ohm balun converter & you should be set.

Daniel asks…

how to build a outdoor tv antenna vhf uhf digital analog?

how to build a outdoor tv antenna vhf uhf digital analog

admin answers:

Search the web for “build gray hoverman”.

Can I use a indoor TV aerial to set up my digital box ?

Charles asks…

can i use a indoor SV9310 DVB-T Aerial for watching freeview through my ps3 using play tv (digital Tv Receiver?

I want to buy ps3 but wanted to know if i could use a indoor digital tv aerial to watch freeview through my ps3 using a ps3 go play freeview digital tv Receiver


admin answers:

As far as im aware, play tv works thru your internet connection not a tv ariel, if you have a decent internet connection, you’ll gte a decent amount of channels

William asks…

Will I still receive TV when digital switchover happens (UK only)?

I have a 12 year old TV of the bulky crt type. All my TV is received via cable (Virgin, with digibox). When the analogue broadcasts stop as part of the switchover to digital will I be affected?

As I get my TV from a digital cable box I guessing & hoping I’ll be ok. I don’t know whether my TV is analogue or not. (If so, the digibox must be converting to analogue before feeding the signal to my TV.) Perhaps I won’t be able to pick up TV via an aerial, but I don’t do that anyway.

I’m confused about all this digital switchover stuff. Please help.

admin answers:

You will be fine and you don’t need to change a thing.

You are absolutely correct – the digibox takes the digital signal and converts it to analogue which then goes to your TV.

I’m in a similar position, I’ve got a Sky digibox and an old crt analogue TV and although I still have an aerial I don’t use it, just the Sky box. So the switch over won’t affect either of us.


John asks…

can i use a indoor TV aerial to set up my digital box?

i have a Bush digital set top box and i was wondering if i could set it up with a indoor TV aerial instead of an out side one.
this i the box i have ( )
any help would be appreciated.

admin answers:

Yes you can, if the signal strength is high enough. It’s worth a try; you’ve got nothing to lose.

Cable TV Antenna question ?

arol asks…

I am cancelling my satellite dish service. Anyway I can use the dish antenna for regular tv reception?

admin answers:

No, you won’t be able use it. You will need a regular outdoor antenna or an indoor antenna for you signal. The dish will be useless.

Michael asks…

Cable tv antenna question?

My antenna broke on the back of my tv. To get cable tv, I have to use RCA cables. Presently I have a cable box that I can hook the cable going from the wall into and then I connect the rca cable from the cable box into my television.
I plan on downgrading my cable service from digital to analog and for that I’d only have the cable without the cable box. With the antenna broken off my tv, I have no place to put the cable into coming from the wall. Is there a cable that I can buy to fix this or will I have to get a new tv?

admin answers:

The common way to do this is to get an old VCR with a built in analog tuner. Just connect the cable line to the VCR’s tuner & the RCA cables from the VCR’s outputs to the TV.

You use the tuner on the VCR to change channels.

Some DVD recorders have the same capability.

>Is there a cable that I can buy to fix this

No. You could get a TV repair guy to repair the cable jack, but an old VCR can be had a lot cheaper.

Ruth asks…

What’s the Cheapest Cable TV service currently being offered in NJ?

Right now, we only get the local NYC channels through the rabbit ear antenna. Unfortunately, we can’t get anything in which you have to install an outdoor satellite because it goes against the lease rules. Are there any indoor cable TV satellite providers for NJ? I would think with all the technology out there, someone has invented an indoor satellite for cable by now. But maybe not?? I appreciate all friendly input.

admin answers:

Unfortunately, Satellite signals aren’t strong enough to penetrate buildings. If you have a south facing window, you could try a satellite dish, but the results would be marginal.

Cable is about your only option, if you want more channels.

TV Aerials ? Can I get a long cable?

Betty asks…

i need to fit aerials for 5 tv with free view help?

i have main tv aerial that works well but need to add more and need help

admin answers:

If you go to a reputable TV specialist shop,they can install an amplifier to feed several TV sets from the main TV aerial assuming that the current TV aerial is fit to receive freeview. As to cost,I have one amplifer fitted from my main TV aerial by a professional at £75.00.

I would urge you to contact a TV aerial specialist company and make sure you get at least three quotes. It will not be cheap,but if done properly,and by a professional,it will provide your tvs with a lasting and proper link.

If you live in the Spalding area,I recommend TV Aerials in WInsover Road who did mine.Outstanding job.

All the very best.

Chris asks…

TV Aerials??? Can i get a long cable?

I need to buy a TV Aerial cable for a tv in my room but the tv has to go on the opposite side to the aerial connection, can you buy longer cables than the usually? and where can you in the UK?

admin answers:

You should go to the electronics store to see what options you have. They usually carry cables of varying lengths.

If there is no such product available then you should get in touch with the cable service provider or someone with the tech support of the TV that you own to get a clear-cut answer.

Mark asks…

Anybody know anything about TV aerials?

We have just moved house and can not understand the setup, there are two aerials on the roof, with two co-axels coming in to the house, both to the same room and it runs though the house to each of the bedrooms. still the old analogue aerials and we are in a poor signal area. I purchased a booster box but still not tv. Any ideas?
Both aerials are pointing in the same direction

admin answers:

Apparently one antenna was pointed at one set of transmitters and the other antenna was pointed at another set. There is no difference between an “analogue” and a “digital” antenna, the antennas are the same. Since there are two sets of coax to each room, they probably used a switch to switch between the antennas. Being in a poor signal area, this type of arrangement is plausible.

I would check the antennas for condition, corrosion, etc. And to see if they are still aimed in the proper directions. If you are not getting enough signal for your receiver to decode, you may need better antennas. Amplifiers don’t always work with digital because they amplify noise along with the signal. If you amplify noise, you just get louder noise and don’t really solve the problem. If you do use an amplifier, it needs to be as close to the antenna as you can get it.