how to make a strong signal for digital antenna TV ?

Chris asks…

My digital TV antenna doesn’t show Telemundo?

I live in an apartment in nj (08902) and my digital antenna (Philips SDV5119/27) picks up tv channels very well (ironically, except for telemundo) which showed before when i used analog. My antenna has HDTV/UHF/VHF/FM capability and ive tried moving it all around the room and nothing. What should I do?

admin answers:

According to and, the Telemundo stations are about 35 miles away from your 08902 area code. That’s pretty far for using an indoor antenna.

The link below shows a map of the signal strength for the tel station

If you’re in the green or yellow area, you should be good, otherwise it’s iffy. Note that the plot assumes a rooftop antenna. It will be much more restricted with an indoor antenna.

Susan asks…

how to make a strong signal for digital antenna tv?

from the time I switch to digital, I was able to watch only one channel and now I can watch a few and some say weak signal. What do you do to have strong signal?

admin answers:

Have an outdoor antenna with higher gain than what you presently have.

People tend to go buy their antennas without any research of knowldge of what they need to get the stations they want to view.

Put your address in here:

it will give you color coded information as to the type of antenna you need for each station in your area. Decide what stations you want to see and then go to the bottom station on the list and note the color and antenna type. Write it down and pass that info along to where ever you buy an antenna from.

Indoor antennas suck.

Steven asks…

What’s a good digital tv antenna for under $100?

we dont have cable or dish or any of that stuff… so whats a good tv antenna for under $100 that picks up channels well and stuff

admin answers:

If you’re within about 50 miles from transmitter(s), this should do the trick.


How to get a good freeview signal with my TV aerial ?

John asks…

How to get a good freeview signal with my TV aerial?

Been trying to get a good signal for freeview but does not work! Bought a new 32 elements aerial it seems to work fine at the begining but once we touched the aerial to adjust it we lose all signals and it seems impossible to get it back!
When adjusting the aerial do you need to reset the box every time?

admin answers:

If everything was working when you installed the new aerial then touching it shouldn’t cause complete loss of signal. This symptom suggests a wobbly something and you moving it has caused the wobbly bit to fail.

Have a look at the junction box where the cable is connected. It’s more than likely that one of the wires has come loose, or that they’re intermittently shorting.
Check the co-axial plug at the tv end for securty of connection too. Take care that the cable briad isn’t shorting against the core conductor.

Charles asks…

i have recently bought a flatscreen tv with built in freeview, can i use a portable tv aerial with it?

i bought it for my daughters bedroom but there isnt a tv aerial on the roof, can i use a portable tv aerial and still get the freeview channels? thanks

admin answers:

You certainly can use a portable aerial with it-depending on how strong your Area’s tv signal is…

Sandra asks…

What sort of tv aerial cable is recommended for freeview?

My reception on freeview is pretty awful since the re-organisation of channels a couple of months back. I have replaced the coaxial male plug which goes into the signal booster several times but it does not help. Do you think I need to get a new cable and if so, are there different specifications of tv cables? What would be the best type? The distance is about 25 metres from the junction box.

admin answers:

Believe it or not, check the cable end at the plug part and feel for any dampness or water. Rain, especially, within the last few months, could have entered the aerial box on the roof, and if water ingestion gets into the cable, WILL cause distortion and bad signal, and if it goes direct to your television can cause damage. If you have it going directly into the power splitter box first, check this aerial lead socket for water.
If there is no water present, it is likely your rooftop aerial has shifted from the very narrow signal pathway, (that digital has), and may need resetting.
The fixings on the rooftop aerial or brackets may have corroded or the aerial box itself and will need replacing. If your aerial is attached to the chimney, the smoke and heat form this can cause damage to the aerial also, over a period of time.
In my opinion, THE AERIAL out of alignment or corrosion is at fault here.

How to ground a TV antenna ?

Laura asks…

How to ground a TV antenna?

I’m putting up an outdoor hdvt antenna. My current service grounding rod is more than 20 feet away.
Do I have to install a grounding rod every 20’ and connect those rods to my service ground?.
Can I put a separate rod in the ground?
Can I run 50 plus feet of #10 wire to the service ground?
Which of these options is the correct way to ground my antenna?
There is no way to run ground wire to my indoor plumbing..

admin answers:

According to the laws of physics,electricity always takes the shortest path to ground and most grounding for antennas is for lightning discharge,you want to use the shortest length of the heaviest gauge wire possible,in your case you have #10 wire,if this is aluminum wire,I would suggest using a larger diameter such as #6 or #4 AWG.

Thomas asks…

Is there any device which let me add 2 cables to a TV so that I can swtich b/w satellite free TV & Paid cable?

I am using satelitte antenna connected to my TV. I am planning to get foxtel (paid cable services) connected at home. Is there any device which lets me connect both services to same TV so that I can switch between two without much hassale?

admin answers:

You could connect the satellite receiver to the A/V jacks on the TV and cable or antenna to the antenna input. Then you just have to change inputs on the TV to switch between the two.

If your TV does not have the A/V jacks, then you will need to install a coax A/B switch.


Nancy asks…

We get tv from an antenna, will a TIVO work for us?

We receive television programming directly from an antenna and would like to have a digital video recorder that would work without subscribing to satellite service or cable. Can this be done?

admin answers:

Yes, a Tivo can record whatever video is passed through it if set up properly.

TV antenna and Onkyo TX-SR608?

Mark asks…

TV antenna and Onkyo TX-SR608?

I have Sony Bravia KDL 55NX810 (has 1.4 HDMI Audio Return channel) and Onkyo TX-SR608 receiver (1.4 HDMI Audio Return channel capable).

Currently I attach my HDTV antenna coaxial cable directly to TV instead of Onkyo Receiver. The only connection from receiver : 1.4 HDMI brings the audio signal to receiver. I have not taken cable / satellite service, only free on-air HD channels from HDTV antenna (which does not have HDMI output)

I am not sure why the Coaxial Antenna threaded plug is given on the receiver’s back panel. I tried to connect the coaxial TV antenna there and expecting the TV to recognize the antenna connection to receiver which is connected to TV via 1.4 HDMI , but TV DID NOT recognize any antenna existence.

The official manual does not speak about TV antenna signal from the threaded coaxial plug input, all it talks about is FM/AM tuner.

1] Is it NOT EXPECTED at all to connect HDTV coaxial antenna to receiver ?

2] If thats not the case, how can I connect HDTV antenna to receiver and get recognized by TV ?

3] If thats not doable, are there any HDTV antenna‘s (with tuner box) which gives out HDMI output ? If I buy a used Satellite Tuner box (no Satellite service), will it give me free HDTV channels converted to HDMI output ?

admin answers:

You should be using RG6 cable running directly from the antenna to the coax in of the HDTV you may not be using the proper cable there are various types of Coax…the older…RG59 cable will not carry an HD signal over longer distances, this could be your problem you are using the wrong cable use RG6 cable all the way from antenna to TV….also a newer cable you can use indoors is RG60 which would be fine and may produce a better signal…but RG6 will work. You can use splitter to run another lead to the Receiver for FM reception. Run the splitter near to the TV connection for best results. HD signals come from the TV station if they are not broadcasting in HD then there is nothing you can do about it.

Daniel asks…

Can my old DTV satellite dish be used as an antenna?

I had to cancel my Direct TV satellite service (too expensive). The dish is still on my rooftop and I was wondering…I am currently just using rabbit ear antenna‘s for tv (analog) reception. Could the co-axial cable from the dish be hooked up to my tv to provide better reception? When I was young we used to use coat hangers for antenna‘s so I thought maybe you still could use makeshift antenna‘s for better reception.

admin answers:

No it will not work.
Hey coat hangers still work well and will with DTV as well.
Google “coat hanger tv antennas” you will get thousands in returns.

US dish will not work.
Wildman, you are US?
India? Not my concern

Mandy asks…

Is this the end of free TV?

Have other senior citizens heard about this already and I just now caught up? I’ve been hearing that our old televisions will not work to receive over-the-air broadcasts beginning February 2009. If you don’t have a digital TV then you have to buy a converter box. Does that mean we can no longer use a TV antenna? Will we be forced to hook up to the cable or satellite TV services? I have old televisions at my house. Neither one is the digital type.
I’m sorry about all those Thumbs Down that are showing up. I am not doing it. I do appreciate each one of you who have answered my question.

admin answers:

It’s not the end of free tv…it’s the end of the outdated poor resolution quality tv signal. Yes you would have to buy a converter box to use a dinosaur tv….unless you sign up and get the free $40 dollar coupon from the government.


This is a step in the right direction. As was the transition from black and white to color tv…

how can I watch national channels on TV without antenna?

Mary asks…

how can I watch national channels on TV without antenna?

I have Samsung HDTV and I do not have cable connection. I am interested in national channels only. Is there any in-built antenna or something with new TV sets? How can I see only DD channels without investing money in cable or antenna– please help-If its not possible then please let me know where should I approach for antenna installation.

admin answers:

I’m sorry but all TVs require an antenna of some sort if you want to receive over the air broadcasts.

If you are in a city, you may be able to get away with rabbit ears. If you are further out, you will need a larger antenna. As far as who to contact, look in your yellow pages.

Sandy asks…

Power Antenna not Working after cd player installation?

So I installed a Kenwood KDC-Mp205 into my 96 Mazda 626 and everything works fine EXCEPT the power antenna will not go up. I cannot find any information on this.
I used a wire harness and there is a blue wire from the cd player that hooks to a blue wire to the harness. They both say power antenna.

admin answers:

In many Kenwood decks, the blue wire isn’t functional–it’s present in the wiring plug, but it doesn’t work. I have no idea why they still include the wire, but usually it’s listed as non-functioning in the installation diagram. In this case, you should use the blue/white remote output in place of the blue power antenna wire. Just connect the blue/white wire from the Kenwood deck to the blue wire in the adapter harness.

Richard asks…

Is $200 – $600 too much for roof top antenna installation?

I was given a rough estimate over the phone. The guy said they range from $200 – $600 depending on the house.

admin answers:

If the install is professionally done to specification (See Below), then $200 – $600 is not out of reason.

Welcome to

CEA’s antenna mapping program,, will help you determine the proper outdoor* antenna to use in order to receive your local television broadcast channels.

Whether the antenna you want is for use with a home satellite system, high-definition television (HDTV) or a traditional analog set, this site, based on geographical maps and signal strengths, will show you what you need to know to buy the right antenna.

Let’s get started!


Is there any genuine satellite dish I can get from the Internet to receive hundreds of tv channels worldwide ?

David asks…

How come my old B&W (Black & White) TV works better when I am at my friend’s cabin then at home?

WHen I go to a friend’s cabin, which is about 110 miles north of me. I bring along a Black & White TV up there (I picked it up at a garage sale for only $2.00) and it doesn’t work to well here even though I have it by a window in my house, and all I have to use for it is rabbit ears, and a special antenna that does fine tuning, by turning a know to pull in stations better. When I bring it up to my friend’s cabin, which is out in the country, and kind of our in the boondocks, I get stations very clear, and some of them are even out of state, and I use the same antennas as described above. I can get both VHF, and UHF stations clear, and I don’t get the stations as clear as I can get them here. Why is that, is it the conditions or is it just the location of my old TV?
This is a Samsung TV, 13 inch Black & White set, and it was manufactured in 1988, and has two dials (one for the UHF, and the other for VHF, and it also has a knob to turn it on, and adjust the volume. This set is almost 20 years old.

admin answers:

The cabin i bet is high in elevation… So your rabbit ear antenna is higher than any bulidings and likely other hills and mountains around, so it can pick up the signal better because the signal is not getting blocked by bulidings, mountains, etc…

Susan asks…

bought an old sanyo tv don’t know how to work it…?

So i bought this old tv (sanyo) from a tax sale.itslike a 50′s tv. it has one antennae on top and then this weird circular metal ring in the back… theres only one plug and thats the chord for the wall.. theres 2 knobs in the front.. one has numbers from 14-82 and the other has numbers from U to 13…..
Wehn I turn it on its just a fuzzy screen and no matter which way I point the antennae it doesn’t get any better… can someone please help??? theres also a V-hold and H-hold knob in the back.. whatever that means haha…. so yeah can someone please help me figure this out?

admin answers:

Since broadcast stations all transmit digital signals rather than analog, you’ll need a converter box between the TV and its antenna. It also sounds like it may have screw terminals for 300 ohm antenna cable rather than coax, so you’ll need a couple 300 ohm to coax adapters to connect the antenna to the converter box and the box to the TV. You may need a better antenna as well, depending on where you are with respect to the broadcast transmitters. Rabbit ears and the circular UHF antenna work OK if you’re close in, but if you’re 20 miles or more away, you’re going to need a better antenna setup, probably something in the attic, or even up on the roof.

All this stuff is still pretty easy to find at electronics stores, or even Walmart, so you should be able to make it work if you really want to.
Edit: Now that I think about it, you’ll also need an RF modulator to convert the line outputs from the converter box back to analog RF before connecting to the TV. Another $20 there……

Daniel asks…

Is there any genuine satellite dish I can get from the Internet to receive hundreds of tv channels worldwide?

Subscribing to Cable TV services has become more expensive in my country in Singapore! It costs about US$50 a month for the full package! No kidding!
Therefore, I decide it was not worth paying for it anymore and decide to install a satellite dish instead in order to watch hundreds of tv channels worldwide.
I saw several satellite dishes on sale from ebay but I’m not sure if it will work if I purchase a satellite dish from ebay! I’m afraid it will not allow me to receive hundreds of channels worldwide and just act like an ordinary local antenna!
Is there any genuine satellite dish I can get from the Internet to receive hundreds of tv channels worldwide? I don’t really mind about the price if I’m able to watch Satellite TV for life after a one-time payment!
I was not looking for any Satellite PC software! I just want it live on my television!
Your recommendations are greatly appreciated!

admin answers:

Buy a FTA satellite system. Here is a list of free channels available on ASIASAT 3S at 105.5 E.


In a nutshell please explain the difference between analog and digital communication systems ?

eorge asks…

i have got an assignment to give five examples on each digital and analog systems?

i got this assignment in my new digital computer logic class plz help me out plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

admin answers:

All natural systems are analog systems..

Values can vary to any level… And are not limited to zero and one..

Some examples
1. Human brains..
2. Thermometers
3. Voltage regulators for fans
4. Microwave ovens
5. Car and bike throttles

digital syatems..
1. Pc
2. Digital tvs
3.on off switches
4. One way valve..
5. Digital cameras.

Carol asks…

How do analog optical systems, digital optical computers and optical subsystems differ???

what is an example of each type as well

admin answers:

Analog means there are an infinite number of states between the highest and lowest. Digital means there are two states commonly referred to as high/low, on/off 1/0.
All computers these days are digital
Optical just means the signal is in the light spectrum instead of the electrical spectrum

Steven asks…

In a nutshell please explain the difference between analog and digital communication systems?

admin answers:

A rather simplistic explination but here goes.

Analogue communications systems send a series of waves with varying amplitutde and frequency, the frequency determins what sound is sent and the amplitude determins how loud it is. Signal strength directly affects amplitude so if your signal is week things may get quiet.

Digital comunications breakseverything down into a series of 1′s and 0′s (binary) and sends these as a stream to be rearanged at the other end. Signal strength has no detrimental effect as long as all the 1′s and 0′s get through (as no matter how weak they are they are still recognisable as a 1 or 0) but interferance occors if any data is lost (i.e. When a 1 or 0 does not get through due to too weak signal).

How do I get a better TV reception?

Ken asks…

Why am I having problems with Verizon Wireless V-cast mobile TV reception on my Samsung U620 cell phone?

Do other phones have vcast reception issues?

admin answers:

You might want to go onto and see if the streaming video quality for that type of phone is good or bad. That will at least tell you if it is the phone.

Charles asks…

How do I get a better TV reception?

I just moved into an apt. and I haven’t got satilite yet so i’m stuck watching basic tv. The problem is I get really poor reception. I thought it was just the antenna i had so i went out and bought a better one. Still nothing!! Is there anything i could do to improve the signal or do i just need to tough it out until i get my satilite?

admin answers:

Unfortunately, some locations cannot get good receptions from indoor antennas. You can try moving the set to a different location within the house nd/or purchase a reception booster from an electronic store (such as Radio Shack) but that might offer little help if any at all. What this means is that only an outside antenna (or cable) will help. If you are in an apartment erecting an outside antenna is probably not a choice that is available to you.

Chris asks…

Problems with HD TV Reception in Los Angeles?

I have two hd TVS and I recently purchase another one for my living room and to use after the digital transfer date. Since, yesterday I have been having problems with the new tv, but after checking I found that my other tv‘s were also skipping channels when you auto scan for digital channels. Now if I get ABC 7 I lose Fox 11 and so on every time I autoscan, I gain some channels and then I lose others . I purchase a Phillips HD 32dp antenna, but this has not solve the problem. Does anyone out here have suggestions or antennas to recommend?


admin answers:

Hmm, I think that’s WHY they created Cable TV….to get rid of the erratic signal lock that people experienced daily with antennas.

Of course, people with OUTDOOR antennas rarely experienced signal problems except in severe storms.

So now you know….

Why Do We Need Digital Antenna In Sydney ?

Mary asks…

What risks are associated with living in a studio in eastern Sydney?

Thank you for reading my question.
Can you please let me know what risks and pitfalls are associated with living in an studio apartment in the eastern suburbs?

Is there any specific pitfall or risk or problem with leaving in a flat 20+ floor (level) of a building?

What is the usual rent for a furnished studio in the northern and eastern suburbs?

Thank you very much.
I wanted to add some details to the question, I saw some studio in the advertisement websites like and the renting is about 350, do thye have some problem which has a cheaper rent?
an example of these advertisement are the followinglinks:

The other question is about the safety and well being of suburbs, I read that I should avoid western and southern suburbs and only try to stay in eastern and northern suburbs and other suburbs are not good enough or are not safe. I want to know whether I focus on eastern or northern suburbs?

admin answers:

Not much really. The only problem if whether you can afford to rent there or not as the Eastern Suburbs is one of the most affluent areas of Sydney. It is a safe area with great beaches and shopping centres nearby. I would be worried about taking the elevators, especially if you live on the upper floors because in the event of a fire (forbid it will happen), it may be harder to evacuate. You shouldn’t let that be a main concern though. Take the stairs whenever you can.

EDIT: In regards to crime areas, you do not necessarily have to spend big bucks to get a place in the north or east to avoid crime. Some places in the Inner West such as Burwood and places in the south such as Hurstville or even the Shire are safe.

Linda asks…

What is the best Boarding School in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney?

admin answers:


Laura asks…


Ok, so ive been absaloutley everywhere searching the internet for function centres and hired halls for 18th birthday parties and its truley imbossible. they always say we dont allow 18th birthday parties becasue of the bad expereinces we have and blah blah blah . Makes me dissapointed becasue i finally have my hopes up. I would really appreciate if anyone knows any places where its a function room more than hiring a hall and if its in the eastern suburbs where i can have my own DJ and where it can fit roughly 50 people and is cheap. I would really appreciate it thanks

If you can find a place just copy and paste the link at the bottom thankyouu.

admin answers:

Hiring halls for an 18th is a thing of the past due to mobile phones, gatecrashers violence and damages etc. Your best bet is at a function room in a club.