Why I Love My Job

I have been in the Service Industry my whole life, and wouldn’t swap with “Trump” for the Presidency of the USA.

The satisfaction I gratefully acquire from satisfied customers, makes my life worthwhile.

A prospective customer calls me, and it’s either they live in an apartment, a house or their the Head of the Body Corporate from an apartment block, or a commercial premises.

The conversation goes like this, I ask “How long have you had the problem”?

“Is it urgent”, because sometimes a lot of people could be affected by the problem, and we look after not only apartment blocks, but also Retirement Villages and Nursing Homes.

So then we confer with the customer as to a time that suits them to solve the problem.

One of our customers is Parklea Gaol, and it sends shivers through the Gaol staff when the inmates TVs are not working, for obvious reasons.

Sometimes there’s a special sporting event showing, and the inmates are really “tuned in” (excuse the pun) to sport, so it makes them very unhappy if they have no TV reception.

We have been called by Parklea Gaol at 8pm, and my technician who looks after them, knows the intricacies of the system, and how important it is to rectify the problem as soon as reasonably possible and we solve the problem, and the Gaol is very happy and relieved with our service.

So solving a problem and making customers happy and satisfied, is a challenge that we pursue with great gusto.

We have had invalids who live alone, and are virtually confined to their premises and TV is their main source of enjoyment, my hand picked staff are always willing to sacrifice their own free time to make good.

As i said at the start of this “story”, we’re in “the service industry”, and nothing makes us more contented than the grateful appreciation of our customers.

We are fully insured.

So, if you have a problem with TV reception or you need some kind of addition to your current reception apparatus, please call me, (only I answer the phone”) this way you don’t have to keep pressing different buttons on your phone while listening to a recording.

This is me, Mr. Denis Bowman, 0411 273 648 or 1300 115 727.

OK, I’m waiting, where are you?

Who Should You Allow Onto Your Premises

When making a decision on who you allow to come onto your premises for the purpose of quoting or a task you require.

Always ask yourself, “Would I trust this person to come to my home for dinner?”
If the worker is unkempt, smells of alcohol or tobacco, untidy hair, didn’t shave today, talks in a rough manner, would you invite them to dinner?

The old saying, “Never judge a book by it’s cover”, has never been something I have lived my life by, to me it’s all self intuition, some of the “old sayings” we were taught as children, have much to be desired.

The “Old sayings”, that often come from the Medieval ages, are what we call “Taglines”, or “Cliches”, and were often based on superstition.

So, self intuition works for me, and I don’t give superstition, “The time of day”, to quote a cliche.
When a representative of mine, goes to a prospective clients premises, you can be assured they were chosen by me, to have all the attributes of somebody you would “Invite for dinner”.
Thank you for your time to read what I believe in.
Denis Bowman
Company Director
Accent Antennas Sydney
0411 273 648

Tips for Making Your Home the Best Movie Theatre

Set up correctly, your home can be the best movie theatre in Sydney! You need comfort, the right equipment and a faultless television reception. Here are 3 tips for making an amazing movie theatre area in your home:

  1. Location

The right antenna needs to be chosen for your location. Bad reception can really spoil your family TV time. Once you have found the ideal spot in your home for your main television, ensure that you select a high quality digital TV antenna that is correct for your local area, and that it is also the best type of antenna to use for your home. The antenna needs to be installed in the best spot in the house, and facing in the right connection, for the best reception possible.

  1. Comfort

The right set of lights and sofa in your lounge room will make your viewing experience as comfortable and luxurious as possible.Pay attention to the placement of your sofa and lights – you do not want to be too close or too far from the television! You want to be able to enjoy TV without squinting or being uncomfortable in any way. The lighting must be correctly placed and the brightness exactly right for ultimate viewing pleasure.

  1. Installation

Having your antenna and home theatre installed expertly will ensure the sound bar is in the right place. The best wall will be selected for wall mounting and the cords and cables will be neat, tidy and safe. When organisingTV antenna installation Sydney areas our professional firm will find the best quality digital TV antenna to suit your home and give you the ultimate tv reception.

When installed correctly your home theatre can give you many years of viewing pleasure. We have a host of knowledge and provide quality TV installation Sydney areas. Contact us today.

Picking Out and Installing a TV Antenna – Why You Should Always Hire the Experts!

It is advisable to have a professional choose and install your TV antenna to achieve the best results. Installation can be risky, complicated and can cause injuries if the installer is inexperienced. Always hire an expert! When your equipment is chosen properly you will get the best TV reception possible, allowing you to really enjoy TV each and every time that you sit down to watch it. It is actually quite technical to hire and install a TV antenna and achieve the best results, safely.


When using any electrical equipment and cables safety is a big issue. Our technicians have thirty years of experience in antenna installation Sydney areas.All of our technicians are highly trained in safety procedures for installing TV antennas and we are fully accredited and licensed. We provide solutions to any antenna problems and are specialists for digital antenna Sydney regions.

Quality Products

Experts are experienced at choosing the best antennas for your television. We take into account the rooms in your house, the sound system that you are using or wish to use, and the local area transmission when selecting an antenna for you. You may also need accessories which require some technical know-how in addition to your antenna. These could include cabling, data switches and more.


We have many years of experience and technical knowledge of all antenna installations Sydney regions. Whether you require an indoor or outdoor installation, we have the expertise, equipment, and resources to install your TV antenna with optimum results and the minimum of fuss.

Get the Best Reception

We have the expertise to eliminate interference, pick up all channels and utilise your equipment so that it is working at optimum capacity. When you need to install a new TV antenna, either as part of a new television system or just replacing your antenna, contact us for your antenna installation Sydney regions. We will save you time and money and get you quality results every time!

How to Protect Your Digital TV Antenna from Bad Weather

If your antenna is outside, your signal and TV quality can be affected by wet and windy weather. Having a windproof antenna installed will help tremendously. Strong winds in Sydney can actually move your external antenna and have it pointing in the wrong direction, affecting yourTV reception.If you take the following tips into consideration, you can enjoy your favorite TV programs with prime reception no matter how bad the weather is outside!

Ensure Your Antenna is Secure

For the best television reception in bad weather always ensure that you secure your antenna adequately to the roof. You will need to purchase the correct installation tools and brackets and then fix your antenna in the direction of the transmitter.A signal meter will help you to find where the ideal direction is in relation to the transmitter.

Waterproof  Your Entry Points

Plaster can deteriorate over time and allow water to come inside and damage your electrical system, cabling, and TV points.Use a waterproof sealant on the hole where the cable enters your home. Be sure to waterproof and seal the points of the antenna. If water is leaking into your home contact Accent Antenna Service Sydney for repairs for safety reasons.

Install Your Antenna in Your Attic

A loft or attic is the ideal place to install your antenna, keeping it safe from the elements while giving you ready access to the antenna whenever maintenance is required. If possible have your antenna installed in your loft or attic rather than on the roof outside.

If you follow these tips you will see better reception when the weather is less than ideal. In the case where your antenna has been affected by storm, wind or inclement weather always for safety reasons and best results have it checked and repaired by an expert. For tv antenna repairs and repairs to a satellite dish, Sydney areas contact us. We are available 7 am to 9 pm 7 days per week.

How to Boost an Outdoor Antenna Signal

Although you may have a quality antenna, sometimes it is difficult to get a clear signal on your digital TV. There are many ways in which you can boost an outdoor antenna signal, and receive maximum viewing results for your TV reception in Sydney. Please find 4 methods below. A professional in antenna installation Sydney is recommended to implement these processes.

Attach a Motorised Rotator

This will allow you to get multiple signals on your TV. You will always be able to conveniently rotate the antenna to the transmitter for the channel that you are presently watching.

Avoid Physical Barriers

Tall buildings and bushland can affect the signal transmission of antennas and result in a less than ideal TV reception. The TV should be as high as possible – and definitely be higher than any item in your house including the roof and the chimney.

Reconfigure the Antenna’s Aim

Move your antenna to a new location or height. Check the direction of the aim if using an outdoor antenna. Watch the signal strength on the television as the antenna is moved or aimed. Make sure your antenna is pointed in the direction of the nearest transmitter. We provide quality antenna installation Sydney areas as well as repairs.

Add an Inline Booster

Install this between the receiver and the antenna. This can increase the signal strength and give you clearer images and sound. They help to reduce and stop noise from electrical systems and will reduce interference.

Any of the above will boost your outdoor antenna signal. All process are very technical and require an expert to get the best results. We have a broad range of experience and knowledge and can quickly diagnose and fix the problem using a wide range of solutions. For assistance contact us at Accent Antennas, your digital TV antenna Sydney Specialists.

Do I Need a Separate Antenna for Each TV?

Most homes in Australia have at least three TV sets. When properly configured a single antenna can easily be used for multiple televisions in your home. You can also use an individual antenna for each television throughout the house, however, some of the TVs might be located in an area of your home that faces away from the transmitter.

As experts in digital TV antenna services Sydney, we specialize in setting up single antennas for multiple TVs. We also need to take into account other factors when setting up your antenna such as the location of your home, amazing viewing, and cabling are amazing viewing result can be achieved with a quality antenna.

Buying a single quality antenna is the best solution when you want a great TV reception. For terrific results, you can use your existing cable TV wiring. It can be tricky to find the cable… it could be located in the basement, outside in the backyard or in the garage. You will need special tools to connect it. If this cable is being used for internet access it cannot also be used for TV as well.

The other option is to use a new quality splitter with short cable lengths. For 2 TVs use a two-way splitter. For 3 use a three-way splitter. Generally, you will also need to add a quality amplifier to the antenna. You will need some superior caliber cabling as well. Before your set up your antenna, test it at each individual TV location.

When setting up multiple TVs move your antenna to an optimal location in line with broadcasting towers. Setting up multiple TV’s can be tricky. At times they can all work fine with singular antennas, and then when an outdoor antenna is installed the reception can fail. For quality digital antenna installation Sydney areas contact us. We have over 30 years of experience in television installation and repairs and the problems associated with them!

3 Tips for Better Digital TV Reception

For better television reception, there are many aspects that need attention. Getting the right reception can be quite complex. You need to know the best type of antenna and cabling to purchase, how to correctly set up the antenna and your tv equipment and you need to be aware of safety issues when you install the equipment.

Here are 3 tips for better digital TV reception:

  1. Antenna Placement

Ensure that the antenna is placed in the best spot of your home for a reception and is facing in the right direction. Ideally, it should be placed on the roof. Find out what direction the TV channels are coming from and face the antenna in that direction.

If installing indoors the best position for a flat antenna is usually against windows or outwardly facing walls.

For best antenna placement contact an experienced professional. We provide antenna services Sydney areas.

  1. Quality Cable

Use a top-quality cable for best digital TV reception. The standard cable that comes with your antenna is not usually the best quality. For best results use an RG6 or higher quality cable. A superior cable with better shielding and insulation is designed for higher frequencies.

  1. Eliminate Electronic Interference

Nearby fluorescent lights, computers, DVD players, stereos wi-fi and more can interfere with your TV reception. To find the cause try turning off each source one at a time until you find the culprit! This method works! Moving the offending equipment to a different room or using a longer cord can help with these interference issues.

For better TV reception use quality equipment and pay attention to the cabling, electrical accessories, and antenna that you use. Ensure that all devices are suited to your home and local area. Eliminate any electronic interference for relaxingTV time. For professional advice on your TV antenna Sydney area contact us.

The Main Reasons Behind Poor TV Reception

There can be a number of reasons you may be experiencing poor TV reception. The best way to determine this is to use an expert who can come to your home, asses your set-up then diagnose and resolve the problem.

The first thing we would look at is your antenna. Is it an analogue antenna? Or Digital? How old is it? These factors can determine the quality of your picture. We will then look at where it is mounted. Sometimes the position of the antenna can affect the quality of reception you will get. Ideally, it should be pointing in the correct direction for the signal (this is something only a professional can diagnose).

We will then asses the cabling. Most cabling can last 15-20 years so even if you have old cabling installed, unless it is kinked or damaged in some way, it should be fine for digital TV. An expert will also be able to assess the splitters and wall plates. These can be damaged during storms and in Sydney, we know this is not an uncommon occurrence.

Further to assessing the actual antenna and cabling set-up, we can then also check your tuning. All new TV’s are made with an automatic tuning feature. This means once tuned, they should stay that way however, in rare cases, there may be an issues with the manufacturing of the TV.

One of the most common reasons for poor TV reception is cheap cabling. Don’t spend thousands on a TV and one dollar on a cable. Using top quality wiring will guarantee you a top quality picture.

Lastly, interference can be the cause. This can come from computers, air conditioners/heaters and powerlines.

If you are having issues with your picture quality in Sydney/Hills District, contact us today!

Digital TV Antennas: Why it’s Time to Update

In 2013 Australia completed a nationwide switch from analogue to digital TV. The reason for the switch is simple, digital TV frees up broadcasting space, allowing room for more channels which gives viewers more choice!
Digital TV has many benefits including better signal, clearer picture and sound as well as other features like a built in electronic programme guide. Once you change over to digital, TV you will never want to go back to analogue due to the massive difference in quality. No more messing around with coat hangers on top of your TV or banging on the side of it to fix the picture; your reception will always be clear!
Installing a digital TV antenna means we all now have the luxury of more free to air channels and who doesn’t love having more choice? The good news is, if you only have an older TV at home, most analogue TV’s can be converted to digital with the help of set top box so there’s really no excuse not to update. Another great thing about digital TV is that it gives people living in rural places the same range of channels and the same quality of reception as those living in major cities.
Before you have your digital TV antenna installed, make sure you have someone experienced do the job. Experienced installers will know the best place to put the antenna as well as how to carefully and neatly hide any wiring that goes along with it. They can also help you with tuning your stations if you are unsure of what to do.
Digital TV is just as easy to operate as analogue, if not easier! We service most of Sydney, so if you haven’t already, contact us today to make the switch to digital free to air TV!