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 Firstly Thanks for installing the antenna

I had a problem in my apartment with 15 units. lot of people where complaining about signal problems and TV screen freezes. i have called lot of antennae installers most of them never showed up haven’t even returned the call

Rang Denis (taken a sheer chance as i stumbled on his companys number on the classifieds via google) and boy ….within 4 hours the job was complete. (including the travel time of the technician, new digital antenna, signal enhancement, junction circulatory etc)
i couldn’t believe the efficiency. i only wish other companies and technicians are like this
Would totally recommend this company to anyone wanting fast reliable service, denis was very friendly and tried to understand the problem first.

The antenna technician Jeffrey has done a professional job. i am pleased with the work.
my complete pleasure appreciating for his workmanship.

Thanks heaps once again to you, for your company and also for the Technician for an outstanding work.



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Fantastic service. Rang Denis with my frustration at other antenna companies, and within 2 hours the job was complete. (including the travel time of the technician)
Would totally recommend this company to anyone wanting fast reliable service, friendly and helpful staff and reasonable prices.

Very impressive! From start till finished, the approach was very professional! I spoke to Accent Antennas Monday.Within half an hour the very polite & knowledgeable technician/installer arrived to assess the situation & 24 hrs after, the two installers installed the two extra antenna points & tested the signal strength, which was better by 50% than before! I would thoroughly recommend Accent Antennas to all my friends & family!

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Fantastic Job. I was recommended this company and was not disappointed. I am more than happy to write a review as these guys were so polite, friendly and professional in their workmanship. I had same day service and all of my TV problems were fixed. Now the family can watch their own TV’s in their rooms and I have mine.



Recently I was bed-ridden and my only way of keeping my sanity was watching TV.
After the recent storms the antenna stopped receiving signals.
Accent Antennas came within 45 minutes of my call, and within an hour, they had replaced my old antenna with a new digital one and saved my sanity.
Thanks again guys.


I recently called out Accent Antenna’s to install a new aerial and extra wall points in my home. The technicians were very prompt and professional and did a fantastic job !!! I would highly recommend this company (and have done so to friends) without any question.


Accent Antennas is very professional company. They offer plenty of difference services. When I call them they came, got down to work immediately and solved all the problems which I had. Also in my opinion this company is only one company which knows what to do. They do very good job. Thank you guys. I strongly recommend this company


Look through all the 5 star reviews here for Accent Antennas. I give you my word, that all the good comments and reviews are well deserved and earned. Accent Antennas were amazing, and came quickly and at the time promised.

We thought it might just be a simple job, (and maybe something stupid I did with set-top box settings, etc) – but, no, the old house had finally given up the ghost on a few fronts. The weather beaten antenna had bits missing, splitter that had gone kaput, and the cable under the house had been severed after previously not being installed with a protective housing around the entry point to the building. It had too much wear and tear. So, a simple job turned into a complex one. But, it was explained to me every step of the way, and at each point of failure the technician showed me how and why he’d reached the conclusion he did. I asked lots of questions along the way and he took the time to explain and show. This is the mark of a professional.

Without any reservation, I whole-heartedly recommend the services of Accent Antennas. Trust is so important in the service industry, and I trust these guys.


How easy this was, I rang two companies and one didn’t answer, rang Accent and spoke, got them out one hour later and two hours after that I had a new antenna and wall outlet for my TV. Too easy.