It may be tempting to install your own antenna by simply reading the instructions that come with it, however this certainly isn’t your best option.

We have the most professional tools required for all TV reception work. Our reception meter alone, can cost us up to $5000 and, without this apparatus, you can’t possibly know if your just fluking a good signal that could start pixilating at any time.

Installation of aTV antenna or aerial requires a specialist who has had training and experience with antennas and all that goes with them. It’s not always as simple as it may appear. Installing an antenna properly requires someone to get on the roof to secure it and deal with wiring that runs from the antenna to the TV. Both these aspects involve a certain level of danger so we strongly encourage you to contact our experts to come and do the job. If you install the antenna incorrectly, having someone come out and rectify the issue will only end up costing you more in the long run.

We will come out with all the tools and supplies required not only to ensure you have the best quality picture for your TV but also that your antenna is safely secured to the roof. This is very important as you certainly don’t want your antenna flying off the roof in strong winds or bad storms and with Sydney’s unpredictable weather; it’s just not worth the risk.

Once your new aerial has been fitted securely to your roof by our specialist, they will then need to run some wiring from the antenna itself to your TV or set top box. Someone who knows what they are doing will take the time to make sure this is done safely to avoid any electrical or signal issues. They will also ensure the wires are hidden away neatly for you.

We can then spend some time with you to help tune your channels and will endeavour to make sure your picture quality is absolutely perfect before we leave.

So don’t try and cut corners by installing your TV antenna by yourself, have it done right the first time by getting in touch with our Sydney based team today!