500,000 Telstra internet customers to get double speed for FREE


Telecommunication firm Telstra seen in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Hendrik Osula/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)
Five hundred thousand Telstra customers around the country will be able to enjoy their cable broadband at twice the speed for no extra cost while they wait for NBN delays to ease.

The telco giant is scrapping its ‘Premium Speed Boost’ that saw customers fork out an extra $20 per month to unlock cable speed, throttled at 50 Mbps, to its maximum speed of 100Mbps, according to the SMH.

It means all cable customers who have not been paying for the extra speed will automatically enjoy faster internet, while those already paying the monthly fee for the boost will keep the speed and as well as $20 in their pockets every month.

Telstra customer value management executive Jana Kotatko confirmed to Yahoo Financethat “around half a million” would benefit.