(I sent this proposal to the local Federal Member for Wentworth, The Hon. David Sharma)

Hi Dave,

The Prime Minister has said that he will try and have a Commission into our bushfire situation.

I think that’s a great idea, all these crazy protests against the Prime Minister are ridiculous, he didn’t start the fires, and even if we were “carbon neutral”, in Australia, it’s the rest of the World that’s responsible for the atmosphere we have at the moment.

Dave, I have one suggestion re bushfire management.

I suggest that we build very wide bushfire trails throughout our whole forest area, where that’s possible.

I would run trails from the start to the finish of the forests, and also across as well.

These trails wouldn’t be unsealed tracks that would be four lanes wide and no trees would be allowed on the edges, so as to keep the firies safe from falling trees.

This will take years of course, and we could use voluntary prison inmates or the unemployed.

If it were the unemployed, dormitories could be built and there would be food and shower facilities.

These constructions would have to be built with the latest fire resistant ideas available, and become permanent structures, to be used for workers to keep up maintenance on these wide trails.

Whether it’s inmates or the unemployed, there would be years of work, with the building and the upkeep of these “trails”.

It would be a permanent employment situation with the building and the upkeep.

This would not cause any problems for flora or fauna, and the trails could also be used for enjoyment by the population, such as walking, bicycle riding, and even horse riding.

What a wonderful permanent feature to get “computer addicted” kids out of the home for physical enjoyment.

David, this would allow bushwalkers to safely walk from one end or across our forests.

It doesn’t make much sense as it is now, huge forests that nobody ever gets to see what’s inside them, and when they catch fire, well we all know the results.

Financially, public enjoyment and employment on a full time basis, would all be the dividends from this permanent situation.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Denis Bowman