TV Antennas Installation Sydney

I have been in the Service Industry my whole life, and wouldn’t swap with “Trump” for the Presidency of the USA.

The satisfaction I gratefully acquire from satisfied customers, makes my life worthwhile.

A prospective customer calls me, and it’s either they live in an apartment, a house or their the Head of the Body Corporate from an apartment block, or a commercial premises.

The conversation goes like this, I ask “How long have you had the problem”?

“Is it urgent”, because sometimes a lot of people could be affected by the problem, and we look after not only apartment blocks, but also Retirement Villages and Nursing Homes.

So then we confer with the customer as to a time that suits them to solve the problem.



One of our customers is Parklea Gaol, and it sends shivers through the Gaol staff when the inmates TVs are not working, for obvious reasons.

Sometimes there’s a special sporting event showing, and the inmates are really “tuned in” (excuse the pun) to sport, so it makes them very unhappy if they have no TV reception.

We have been called by Parklea Gaol at 8pm, and my technician who looks after them, knows the intricacies of the system, and how important it is to rectify the problem as soon as reasonably possible and we solve the problem, and the Gaol is very happy and relieved with our service.

So solving a problem and making customers happy and satisfied, is a challenge that we pursue with great gusto.

We have had invalids who live alone, and are virtually confined to their premises and TV is their main source of enjoyment, my hand picked staff are always willing to sacrifice their own free time to make good.

As i said at the start of this “story”, we’re in “the service industry”, and nothing makes us more contented than the grateful appreciation of our customers.

We are fully insured.

So, if you have a problem with TV reception or you need some kind of addition to your current reception apparatus, please call me, (only I answer the phone”) this way you don’t have to keep pressing different buttons on your phone while listening to a recording.

This is me, Mr. Denis Bowman, 0411 273 648 or 1300 115 727.

OK, I’m waiting, where are you?