arol asks…

I am cancelling my satellite dish service. Anyway I can use the dish antenna for regular tv reception?

admin answers:

No, you won’t be able use it. You will need a regular outdoor antenna or an indoor antenna for you signal. The dish will be useless.

Michael asks…

Cable tv antenna question?

My antenna broke on the back of my tv. To get cable tv, I have to use RCA cables. Presently I have a cable box that I can hook the cable going from the wall into and then I connect the rca cable from the cable box into my television.
I plan on downgrading my cable service from digital to analog and for that I’d only have the cable without the cable box. With the antenna broken off my tv, I have no place to put the cable into coming from the wall. Is there a cable that I can buy to fix this or will I have to get a new tv?

admin answers:

The common way to do this is to get an old VCR with a built in analog tuner. Just connect the cable line to the VCR’s tuner & the RCA cables from the VCR’s outputs to the TV.

You use the tuner on the VCR to change channels.

Some DVD recorders have the same capability.

>Is there a cable that I can buy to fix this

No. You could get a TV repair guy to repair the cable jack, but an old VCR can be had a lot cheaper.

Ruth asks…

What’s the Cheapest Cable TV service currently being offered in NJ?

Right now, we only get the local NYC channels through the rabbit ear antenna. Unfortunately, we can’t get anything in which you have to install an outdoor satellite because it goes against the lease rules. Are there any indoor cable TV satellite providers for NJ? I would think with all the technology out there, someone has invented an indoor satellite for cable by now. But maybe not?? I appreciate all friendly input.

admin answers:

Unfortunately, Satellite signals aren’t strong enough to penetrate buildings. If you have a south facing window, you could try a satellite dish, but the results would be marginal.

Cable is about your only option, if you want more channels.