Lisa asks…

can you help me with my reception problems. Can I hook my sirius radio to my tv dish for better recpetion an?

I have a Sirius home radio and live in a hole lined with trees. I cannot get on the roof. is there a way to hook this up to the cable from my DirectTV Dish?

admin answers:

No, The music channels already on there though, are XM Radio

Helen asks…

Problems with reception on some channels with new TV Tuner Card installed?

I installed a TV Tuner Card on a GATEWAY DeskTop with a Flat Screen LCD. I’m running VISTA Ultimate and the software is VISTA compatible. Problem that I have encountered is some stations(CBS NBC FOX) are not receiving well. I added a radio shack amplifier to boost the signal which improved the reception somewhat but I am unable to fine tune for better reception. I’m accessing Internet via DSL. TV tuner software is WinTV-HVR 1600. I’m not sure if I’m not running with the proper pixel setting. I also tried viewing using the Windows Media Center but have encountered the same problem with the same Channels. Channels 7 and above come in crystal clear. Can anyone offer any suggestions. Thanks!
I’m connected directly to cable.

admin answers:

How you’re accessing the Internet isn’t important; what TV service you have is the important factor. Do you have cable TV? And the cable is connected to the TV tuner? Or do you have a non-cable TV service with your DSL provider? I have a pretty old tuner, and I have cable, and mine works well.

You might be able to contact your TV provider for advice from them.

Joseph asks…

Could a cell tower be a problem with TV reception?

There is a cell tower basicly a block from my house could it be interfering with my tv reception?

And if so, is there anything I can do to improve my signal?

admin answers:

You didn’t say if you were on cable or not.

Cell phones operate on different frequencies than TV signals. So they should not be interfering with Over The Air reception. If you are on cable and having signal quality problems, you need to call your cable company and have them fix it. You pay for quality service and should get what you pay for.