Lisa asks…

My government mandated tv digital converter box has an inadequate signal. What can I do?

I have a 20 inch Phillips bedroom TV with a direct current amplified rabbit ear antenna which cost 30 dollars at Radio Shack. The reception has always been borderline to fair depending on the weather and channel. With the addition of a digital converter box the signal is so weak that I can get only a couple of the main channels adequately. Is there any reasonably simple way to boost the signal strength? I live in a suburb of a large city.

admin answers:

Listen to Garrison above. Give him Best Answer. You need a better antenna.

Sandra asks…

digital converter box/tv setup?

i have a sansui tv with the following connections on the rear: audio/video in and out, ant. 75 ohm(a coaxial connection),s video.
I have a ge digital converter box and have it interfaced with the tv as per instructions. Problem is, I am only getting one channel(channel 8) and three different versions of it to boot! i am not getting any more channels. I have a radio shack hdtv antenna interfaced with the digital converter box also. HELP!
THNX in advance
sue in dallas tx usa

admin answers:

The problem is your antenna. It’s not good enough to get anything but the one channel. Consider installing an outdoor antenna if possible. That will get you the most channels. If that’s not possible, try different indoor antennas, possibly by taking advantage of Radio Shack’s or some other retailers satisfaction guaranteed return policy.

Sandy asks…

analog to digital signal for TV receptions sucks?

I bought a cheap walmart digital converter with a amp. I assumed the signal amp should be in the line that has the aerial and not in the spot it is can I purchase an in line 75 OHM digital signal booster somewhere like at radio shack and DO THEY EVEN WORK ? I want to hook directly to the line coming from the antennae then into the digital converter and the rest is the way it is set up. How much to these devices cost ?

admin answers:

Why do you think you need a signal amplifier. Those are primarily needed for long cable runs to overcome signal loss. And they need to be up on the antenna, not inside your house.

Most likely your antenna is insufficient to receive a strong signal. Contrary to what another poster said, digital TV is on both UHF and VHF, so you may need an antenna that handles both. Take a look at:

to see what channels are in your area. If any of the physical RF channel numbers are less than 14, then you need VHF capability. If your channels are over 50 miles away, then you need a REALLY good antenna.