In 2013 Australia completed a nationwide switch from analogue to digital TV. The reason for the switch is simple, digital TV frees up broadcasting space, allowing room for more channels which gives viewers more choice!
Digital TV has many benefits including better signal, clearer picture and sound as well as other features like a built in electronic programme guide. Once you change over to digital, TV you will never want to go back to analogue due to the massive difference in quality. No more messing around with coat hangers on top of your TV or banging on the side of it to fix the picture; your reception will always be clear!
Installing a digital TV antenna means we all now have the luxury of more free to air channels and who doesn’t love having more choice? The good news is, if you only have an older TV at home, most analogue TV’s can be converted to digital with the help of set top box so there’s really no excuse not to update. Another great thing about digital TV is that it gives people living in rural places the same range of channels and the same quality of reception as those living in major cities.
Before you have your digital TV antenna installed, make sure you have someone experienced do the job. Experienced installers will know the best place to put the antenna as well as how to carefully and neatly hide any wiring that goes along with it. They can also help you with tuning your stations if you are unsure of what to do.
Digital TV is just as easy to operate as analogue, if not easier! We service most of Sydney, so if you haven’t already, contact us today to make the switch to digital free to air TV!