TV Antenna Installation Sydney Eastern Suburbs

Electricians usually won’t touch tv antenna installations as their not trained for it.
Any electrician can install an antenna and copy the direction the neighbouring antenna is pointed, but that is not taking in all the training and experience a qualified tv antenna installer has.
There are many parts of being an antenna installer, firstly, they have a signal meter which shows the signal strength of where the antenna should be installed at the property.

Do Electricians Install TV Antennas 01

Do Electricians Install TV Antennas 01

There are many types of antennas, electricians don’t carry the multitude of antennas that a qualified installer carries, and not until the qualified installer is on the roof does he know which of the many types of antennas he carries will be perfect for the job.
In most cases, electricians don’t like installing tv antennas and it’s usually only when their employer or the electrician himself doesn’t have enough work at the time and will install an antenna to at least make some money for that day.
But with a qualified installer, your getting somebody who enjoys installing antennas as if you use an installer with many years of experience, he is aware of all the idiocyncracies of the operation.

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