There are many components of how to install a tv antenna.
Firstly a professional tv antenna installer has to do a signal test at your property, and after it is determined the most satisfactory positions, the installer will ask you which position for the antenna you choose.
The installer has a meter, which can cost between $1000-$5000 to determine all factors as per the position the antenna should be and the type of antenna and the direction the antenna should face.
How Are TV Antennas Installed 01

How Are TV Antennas Installed 01

Just because your neighbours antenna is facing a different direction to the way your installer has placed yours, don’t worry because with his meter he can determine the correct direction for yours.
After meter readings are taken on your roof, it might be that what suits one part of your roof might need a different antenna in another part of the roof.
This is where DUI home owner installers can fall into a loss of time procuring an antenna and buying the wrong one.
You might require a booster (an amplifier) and without a meter reading it is impossible to determine if you need a booster or not.
How Are TV Antennas Installed 02

How Are TV Antennas Installed 02

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