Mary asks…

How can I watch national channels on TV without antenna?

I have Samsung HDTV and I do not have cable connection. I am interested in national channels only. Is there any in-built antenna or something with new TV sets? How can I see only DD channels without investing money in cable or antenna– please help-If its not possible then please let me know where should I approach for antenna installation.

admin answers:

I’m sorry but all TVs require an antenna of some sort if you want to receive over the air broadcasts.

If you are in a city, you may be able to get away with rabbit ears. If you are further out, you will need a larger antenna. As far as who to contact, look in your yellow pages.

Sandy asks…

Power Antenna not Working after cd player installation?

So I installed a Kenwood KDC-Mp205 into my 96 Mazda 626 and everything works fine EXCEPT the power antenna will not go up. I cannot find any information on this.
I used a wire harness and there is a blue wire from the cd player that hooks to a blue wire to the harness. They both say power antenna.

admin answers:

In many Kenwood decks, the blue wire isn’t functional–it’s present in the wiring plug, but it doesn’t work. I have no idea why they still include the wire, but usually it’s listed as non-functioning in the installation diagram. In this case, you should use the blue/white remote output in place of the blue power antenna wire. Just connect the blue/white wire from the Kenwood deck to the blue wire in the adapter harness.

Richard asks…

Is $200 – $600 too much for roof top antenna installation?

I was given a rough estimate over the phone. The guy said they range from $200 – $600 depending on the house.

admin answers:

If the install is professionally done to specification (See Below), then $200 – $600 is not out of reason.

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