Linda asks…

Why such a great picture while analog/digital simulcasting, and awful signal strength since the analog cutoff?

I bought a converter box and took a chance on an indoor HD antenna and was frankly blown away byt the results…at first. The original signal being picked up appeared to be digital because it occasionally pixelized during bad storms, and there was no snow as there was with the old rabbit ears antenna. From the day of analog shut-off, I can still get only one station [poorly] in my area.

admin answers:

First rescan for the stations. Some changed channel numbers. They may have also gone to the UHF band so you might need a (primarily) uhf antenna.

Mary asks…

How can we differntiate between an analog and digital signal?

i am writing a message to someone at internet ,,,,,,what is the process…Is there any analog digital signal conversion happening???

admin answers:

An analogue signal is one where the values are continuous. The information for a specific value is proportional to voltage, current, frequency etc.

A digital signal has the current, voltage, frequency etc. Broken into separate states that transmit information by encoding. The states represent logic signals. The information for a specific value is represented by encoding the digital states.

In this case, the computer sends a digital signal, via a serial connection of some sort, to the local network. The local network connects to the modem. If it is an ADSL modem, the modulation process converts the signals from the network into a set of symbols, made up of various tones. These represent various chunks of the serial signal from the computer, so are now a combination of digital signals transmitted simultaneously. This allows more information to be transmitted in a given bandwidth. The difference is that there are more than 2 states present at any instant. It is still digital. Other modems have related methods. The digital signal is transmitted on an analogue medium, the telephone wires.

Just to add to the confusion, there may actually be analogue to digital converters and the reverse digital to analogue converters used in the modem, as part of its method of modulating and demodulating the signals transmitted on the line or other medium such as radio.

Some would consider a modem converts analogue to digital and back again, but this is not true. It transmits digital signals through various medium, by translating them to a suitable form. The transmission itself is some form of digital modulation. This potentially enables signals to be transmitted over wires, radio, optical cable, taking advantage of the medium, with greater rate, distance and less errors than an analogue system.

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John asks…

If you subscribe to cable or satellite services will you need a converter box to comply analog/digital?

conversion? I have an analog T.V. but have satellite service through direct tv
On February 17, 2009, all US TV broadcasters are required to turn off their older analog transmitters and be exclusively digital. .
From all those submitted? Do you know something I don’t?

admin answers:

Once you subscribe to any services you will be fine. With cable or satellite your tvs will work after February 17.