Ken asks…

Why am I having problems with Verizon Wireless V-cast mobile TV reception on my Samsung U620 cell phone?

Do other phones have vcast reception issues?

admin answers:

You might want to go onto and see if the streaming video quality for that type of phone is good or bad. That will at least tell you if it is the phone.

Charles asks…

How do I get a better TV reception?

I just moved into an apt. and I haven’t got satilite yet so i’m stuck watching basic tv. The problem is I get really poor reception. I thought it was just the antenna i had so i went out and bought a better one. Still nothing!! Is there anything i could do to improve the signal or do i just need to tough it out until i get my satilite?

admin answers:

Unfortunately, some locations cannot get good receptions from indoor antennas. You can try moving the set to a different location within the house nd/or purchase a reception booster from an electronic store (such as Radio Shack) but that might offer little help if any at all. What this means is that only an outside antenna (or cable) will help. If you are in an apartment erecting an outside antenna is probably not a choice that is available to you.

Chris asks…

Problems with HD TV Reception in Los Angeles?

I have two hd TVS and I recently purchase another one for my living room and to use after the digital transfer date. Since, yesterday I have been having problems with the new tv, but after checking I found that my other tv‘s were also skipping channels when you auto scan for digital channels. Now if I get ABC 7 I lose Fox 11 and so on every time I autoscan, I gain some channels and then I lose others . I purchase a Phillips HD 32dp antenna, but this has not solve the problem. Does anyone out here have suggestions or antennas to recommend?


admin answers:

Hmm, I think that’s WHY they created Cable TV….to get rid of the erratic signal lock that people experienced daily with antennas.

Of course, people with OUTDOOR antennas rarely experienced signal problems except in severe storms.

So now you know….