John asks…

How to get a good freeview signal with my TV aerial?

Been trying to get a good signal for freeview but does not work! Bought a new 32 elements aerial it seems to work fine at the begining but once we touched the aerial to adjust it we lose all signals and it seems impossible to get it back!
When adjusting the aerial do you need to reset the box every time?

admin answers:

If everything was working when you installed the new aerial then touching it shouldn’t cause complete loss of signal. This symptom suggests a wobbly something and you moving it has caused the wobbly bit to fail.

Have a look at the junction box where the cable is connected. It’s more than likely that one of the wires has come loose, or that they’re intermittently shorting.
Check the co-axial plug at the tv end for securty of connection too. Take care that the cable briad isn’t shorting against the core conductor.

Charles asks…

i have recently bought a flatscreen tv with built in freeview, can i use a portable tv aerial with it?

i bought it for my daughters bedroom but there isnt a tv aerial on the roof, can i use a portable tv aerial and still get the freeview channels? thanks

admin answers:

You certainly can use a portable aerial with it-depending on how strong your Area’s tv signal is…

Sandra asks…

What sort of tv aerial cable is recommended for freeview?

My reception on freeview is pretty awful since the re-organisation of channels a couple of months back. I have replaced the coaxial male plug which goes into the signal booster several times but it does not help. Do you think I need to get a new cable and if so, are there different specifications of tv cables? What would be the best type? The distance is about 25 metres from the junction box.

admin answers:

Believe it or not, check the cable end at the plug part and feel for any dampness or water. Rain, especially, within the last few months, could have entered the aerial box on the roof, and if water ingestion gets into the cable, WILL cause distortion and bad signal, and if it goes direct to your television can cause damage. If you have it going directly into the power splitter box first, check this aerial lead socket for water.
If there is no water present, it is likely your rooftop aerial has shifted from the very narrow signal pathway, (that digital has), and may need resetting.
The fixings on the rooftop aerial or brackets may have corroded or the aerial box itself and will need replacing. If your aerial is attached to the chimney, the smoke and heat form this can cause damage to the aerial also, over a period of time.
In my opinion, THE AERIAL out of alignment or corrosion is at fault here.