Laura asks…

How to ground a TV antenna?

I’m putting up an outdoor hdvt antenna. My current service grounding rod is more than 20 feet away.
Do I have to install a grounding rod every 20’ and connect those rods to my service ground?.
Can I put a separate rod in the ground?
Can I run 50 plus feet of #10 wire to the service ground?
Which of these options is the correct way to ground my antenna?
There is no way to run ground wire to my indoor plumbing..

admin answers:

According to the laws of physics,electricity always takes the shortest path to ground and most grounding for antennas is for lightning discharge,you want to use the shortest length of the heaviest gauge wire possible,in your case you have #10 wire,if this is aluminum wire,I would suggest using a larger diameter such as #6 or #4 AWG.

Thomas asks…

Is there any device which let me add 2 cables to a TV so that I can swtich b/w satellite free TV & Paid cable?

I am using satelitte antenna connected to my TV. I am planning to get foxtel (paid cable services) connected at home. Is there any device which lets me connect both services to same TV so that I can switch between two without much hassale?

admin answers:

You could connect the satellite receiver to the A/V jacks on the TV and cable or antenna to the antenna input. Then you just have to change inputs on the TV to switch between the two.

If your TV does not have the A/V jacks, then you will need to install a coax A/B switch.


Nancy asks…

We get tv from an antenna, will a TIVO work for us?

We receive television programming directly from an antenna and would like to have a digital video recorder that would work without subscribing to satellite service or cable. Can this be done?

admin answers:

Yes, a Tivo can record whatever video is passed through it if set up properly.