Chris asks…

My digital TV antenna doesn’t show Telemundo?

I live in an apartment in nj (08902) and my digital antenna (Philips SDV5119/27) picks up tv channels very well (ironically, except for telemundo) which showed before when i used analog. My antenna has HDTV/UHF/VHF/FM capability and ive tried moving it all around the room and nothing. What should I do?

admin answers:

According to and, the Telemundo stations are about 35 miles away from your 08902 area code. That’s pretty far for using an indoor antenna.

The link below shows a map of the signal strength for the tel station

If you’re in the green or yellow area, you should be good, otherwise it’s iffy. Note that the plot assumes a rooftop antenna. It will be much more restricted with an indoor antenna.

Susan asks…

how to make a strong signal for digital antenna tv?

from the time I switch to digital, I was able to watch only one channel and now I can watch a few and some say weak signal. What do you do to have strong signal?

admin answers:

Have an outdoor antenna with higher gain than what you presently have.

People tend to go buy their antennas without any research of knowldge of what they need to get the stations they want to view.

Put your address in here:

it will give you color coded information as to the type of antenna you need for each station in your area. Decide what stations you want to see and then go to the bottom station on the list and note the color and antenna type. Write it down and pass that info along to where ever you buy an antenna from.

Indoor antennas suck.

Steven asks…

What’s a good digital tv antenna for under $100?

we dont have cable or dish or any of that stuff… so whats a good tv antenna for under $100 that picks up channels well and stuff

admin answers:

If you’re within about 50 miles from transmitter(s), this should do the trick.