Chris asks…

Television Problem, Please help!!!?

My uncle bought me a TV tuner for my laptop. I was so glad because in my apartment, I have no means to watch TV. So then, I bought an indoor antenna so I could get signals from local TV channels here in my country. But when I tried it in my apartment, I can barely see the pictures of my favorite channel. The reception was very bad. I then asked my landlady if I can connect to the cable TV, she said okay but I have to add a certain amount on our rent. Its fine with me, but I think it may be illegal to split cable tv in our area. I wanted to subscribe, but I saw it was very expensive. Can there be ways that I can receive local TV signals aside from my useless indoor antenna? Or should I just share cable privileges at a price? Your help will be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

admin answers:

I’d share cable privileges at a price. Make sure, however- that your landlady gives you a receipt that clearly shows the added charges & what they’re for & save it along with all future ones. That way- if she’s splitting it illegally- it will be your landlady that will get fined for it; not you.

Helen asks…

my freeview used to have a good signal now it has a poor signal (please read)?

the last few months its been crap now i cant get most of my channels why?

all my channels used to work great i could get nearly every channel i was happy but now i cant get most of my channels including the main popular channels like itv/itv+1 channel 4 channel 5 sometimes bbc depending on where my aerial is pointing all the main 1s that should be there are not there i have rescanned my freeview box and now i have lost all the channels that didnt work due to a poor signal i have moved my aerial about and sum direction i get some channels that didnt work but then the other channels that did work now dont before i had my aerial in 1 position and every channel worked ive check all the wires scart aerial and power there is nothing wrong there i just don’t get it is the satellite not in my area at the moment??

that’s the only thing i can think of yeah there’s a digital switch over but as am all digital i shouldn’t have any problem unless i get help here am stuck to watching crap tv and paying for a tv licence is disgusting with the reception am getting

set up:
onn digital freeview box (2 yr old)
digital roof aerial (in my bedroom) only 1 year old never been outside
and a sanyo widescreen tv (5+ yr old)

my outdoor aerial is not ment for indoor use but it did used to work fine for about a year in my bedroom i could get every channel that existed

Seeing the words (No Signal) is doing my head in if this tv wasnt so big id throw it out the window

HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
oooooooo i live in uk newcastle northeast

admin answers:

I think I’m right to say that your aerial needs to be pointed toward the transmitter for the multiplex in your region. Even when the aerial is fixed to your roof, bad weather can affect its orientation and lead to a loss of signal. The fact that its in your bedroom suggests to me that it isn’t fixed down and you have probably only been getting a good signal to date by chance and you have moved it without realising. Try adjusting the aerial, the old-fashioned way!

Jenny asks…

I cannot get a digital signal either.?

I live in a rural area and cannot get cell phone reception or broadband internet service at my home because it is in a valley and surrounded by trees. However I was always able to receive the local stations on my analog TV set with my antenna.

I recently bought a set top converter box and switched to digital only to find a had a very weak or no signal. Either way the weak signal showed multiple colored squares and no picture that I could make out and the sound skipped so much I couldn’t hear either.

I believe someone is going to have to solve this problem before Feb 2009 or alot of us will be without a public service.

admin answers:

First, try a better antenna. Digital works differently than analog. With digital, if you have a poor signal, it will look like nothing is there. Check , put in your ZIP code and you will get a list of digital stations in your area and guidance on choosing an antenna and where to aim it. This solves many of the reception problems.

Don’t fall for the “digital” or “HD” antennas. There is nothing about an antenna that makes it “digital” or “HD; this is all marketing hype. An antenna is made for a set of channels (frequencies), it doesn’t care about what’s on the channels. It’s just a dumb piece of metal.

Choose a good quality VHF/UHF TV antenna like we have been using for the last 50 years.

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