How Could I Improve Reception By using a TV Antenna?

Everybody has viewed the old Tv programs where people try to make improvements to a TV’s reception through placing aluminum foil on the antenna or alternatively wearing foil and dancing on the roof top, and even though this tends to do the job in shows — often with miserable results — fixing your reception by way of a TV antenna isn’t all that hard. At times you have to really move the TV as well for top level reception, based on your location.

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The number one suggestion is to try to move the antenna at a slow pace. A lot of people, specially when they get irritated from terrible TV reception, push the antenna instantly until the visual becomes clear. As a substitute, move the antenna only a little and hold it for around twenty to thirty seconds. The reason being that the transmission has to effectively configure with the antenna, and this will take up to a minute. However, if the image remains very poor, then make an extra little adjustment till the reception starts to clear up.

Direct the TV antenna towards the broadcasting tower. This is often a little daunting unless you have any idea the location where the tower is, however given that the signals are undoubtedly originating from the tower, it simply adds up that pointing in that direction will enhance reception. When you are doubtful, speak to the televison broadcasting station or go on the internet to look for the tower’s area.


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On the contrary, those who are close to the transmission tower, then this might cause a signal overload, which comes through as terrible reception. In cases like this, move the antenna out of the way from the televison broadcasting tower. If this is not enough, then relocate the TV to the opposite end of your dwelling.

Raise the television and also the TV antenna. Normally you like to shift the antenna to improve reception, and yet sometimes it is imperative that you reposition the television as well. If you reside at low elevations, consequently reception will be not good. Transferring the Television upstairs may well greatly enhance signal quality.

Are there metal objects, or things which give off electrical power, nearby the TV? In that case, remove them, for the reason that they can result in interference. While doing so, using a misshapen metal coat hanger and putting it on the end of the TV antenna can boost the TV’s reception.

If for example your TV antenna is old, check out the cords and connectors. Old antennas have a natural tendency of deteriorating or being loosely fitted, and pressing everything with each other can certainly help to make improvements to signal strength. Although having a new antenna will clearly mend this problem, spending cash is not exciting when you can actually repair the antenna for free.


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Enhancing your TV reception by having an antenna isn’t hard, you only need to have a few easy ideas, and very soon your reception is going to be really clear.

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