Maria asks…

clearvue tv booster antenna review?

Does anyone have any experience using this tv booster antenna? I live in LA and would like to use it with a second TV now that it is hooked up to a digital converter box. Thanks.

admin answers:

There’s no problem with adding a 2nd TV set to a booster, but it does split the total power output to 1/2 for each TV set.
All you have to do is SPLIT the signal AFTER the booster.

I will suggest you buy a DISTRIBUTION Amp to keep the signal constant, and use that instead of a splitter.

The booster boosts….the distribution amp distributes. They both serve a purpose.

Nancy asks…

Indoor TV Antenna? Where can I get a good one? I live in Chicago. We got over 25 free stations. Brands? Stores

Why is it that there is virtually no advertizing for tv antennas? <Most of what I bought is lousy. I think there must be a magazine, or store, or manufacturer getting ready for the digital switch. I’ve heard that antenna tv with the digital converter has outstanding reception, great sound, and a superior picture quality. Yet, I’ve heard nothing NOTHING! about who makes a good indoor tv antenna. And why not? Cable is a bad as having a high credit card bill. I watch basic channels, the TWC, in Chicago CLTV, and maybe History or Discover or fishing. Other t han that, on cable I only watch maybe 5 or 6 out of nearly 100 non-free channels. So, who, what company, has anyone reviewed good quality indoor tv asntennas, and if not why NOT? Besides, with the USA economy being so bad, people are going to be cancelling cable and needing tv by antenna sooner than the digital complet conversion. I personally think, they are milking Americans of as much money as possible, before tv conversion.

admin answers:

I use an indoor powered antennae. They cost about $35 at Wal-Mart or Best Buy. I’m 50-75 miles from 2 major cities and I get all kinds of stations – VHF and UHF. Don’t worry about the brands – there will only be one or two. I’ve owned several and had good luck with all.

Steven asks…

Can a digital tuner VCR or combo replace the converter box when using an outside antenna’ed analog TV?

I have newish TV, old VCR, both analog. Tried the converter boxes and don’t like them. Can I buy a digital tuner VCR or a combo and continue to record on the VCR into the switch next year? Reviews I read say, in many new combos, the VCR will remain analog and will not record digital programming in 2009. So what’s the digital tuner for? Don’t want to pay for cable, satellite or tivo because I don’t watch much on TV.

admin answers:

The VCR is put in combo units mostly so people can play their old VHS tapes.

There is no good reason why they can’t be designed so you could record on with the DVD burner or VCR. I suppose they save a few $ in parts by leaving out the VCR recording capability.

The idea is that you would record programs on DVDs. Walmart sells DVD recorders that have both DVD burners and hard drives. You can record to either DVDs or to the hard drive.

In any case, you can use a DVD recorder with digital tuner instead of a converter box, but you will not be able to record one channel while watching another. You can even daisy chain your old VCR between the DVD recorder and TV and record on your old VCR.

If you are going to stick with your old TV, I suggest that you get a DVD recorder with digital tuner and hard drive. If you think you will want to watch one channel while watching another, set things up so you can watch one channel on a converter box while recording on the DVD/hard drive.

I have the Zenith/Insignia model and think it’s fine. In the next couple of months a new model will become available (“DTVPal”) that would let you program recording digital channels on your old VCR.

What model converter did you try ?