David asks…

How come my old B&W (Black & White) TV works better when I am at my friend’s cabin then at home?

WHen I go to a friend’s cabin, which is about 110 miles north of me. I bring along a Black & White TV up there (I picked it up at a garage sale for only $2.00) and it doesn’t work to well here even though I have it by a window in my house, and all I have to use for it is rabbit ears, and a special antenna that does fine tuning, by turning a know to pull in stations better. When I bring it up to my friend’s cabin, which is out in the country, and kind of our in the boondocks, I get stations very clear, and some of them are even out of state, and I use the same antennas as described above. I can get both VHF, and UHF stations clear, and I don’t get the stations as clear as I can get them here. Why is that, is it the conditions or is it just the location of my old TV?
This is a Samsung TV, 13 inch Black & White set, and it was manufactured in 1988, and has two dials (one for the UHF, and the other for VHF, and it also has a knob to turn it on, and adjust the volume. This set is almost 20 years old.

admin answers:

The cabin i bet is high in elevation… So your rabbit ear antenna is higher than any bulidings and likely other hills and mountains around, so it can pick up the signal better because the signal is not getting blocked by bulidings, mountains, etc…

Susan asks…

bought an old sanyo tv don’t know how to work it…?

So i bought this old tv (sanyo) from a tax sale.itslike a 50′s tv. it has one antennae on top and then this weird circular metal ring in the back… theres only one plug and thats the chord for the wall.. theres 2 knobs in the front.. one has numbers from 14-82 and the other has numbers from U to 13…..
Wehn I turn it on its just a fuzzy screen and no matter which way I point the antennae it doesn’t get any better… can someone please help??? theres also a V-hold and H-hold knob in the back.. whatever that means haha…. so yeah can someone please help me figure this out?

admin answers:

Since broadcast stations all transmit digital signals rather than analog, you’ll need a converter box between the TV and its antenna. It also sounds like it may have screw terminals for 300 ohm antenna cable rather than coax, so you’ll need a couple 300 ohm to coax adapters to connect the antenna to the converter box and the box to the TV. You may need a better antenna as well, depending on where you are with respect to the broadcast transmitters. Rabbit ears and the circular UHF antenna work OK if you’re close in, but if you’re 20 miles or more away, you’re going to need a better antenna setup, probably something in the attic, or even up on the roof.

All this stuff is still pretty easy to find at electronics stores, or even Walmart, so you should be able to make it work if you really want to.
Edit: Now that I think about it, you’ll also need an RF modulator to convert the line outputs from the converter box back to analog RF before connecting to the TV. Another $20 there……

Daniel asks…

Is there any genuine satellite dish I can get from the Internet to receive hundreds of tv channels worldwide?

Subscribing to Cable TV services has become more expensive in my country in Singapore! It costs about US$50 a month for the full package! No kidding!
Therefore, I decide it was not worth paying for it anymore and decide to install a satellite dish instead in order to watch hundreds of tv channels worldwide.
I saw several satellite dishes on sale from ebay but I’m not sure if it will work if I purchase a satellite dish from ebay! I’m afraid it will not allow me to receive hundreds of channels worldwide and just act like an ordinary local antenna!
Is there any genuine satellite dish I can get from the Internet to receive hundreds of tv channels worldwide? I don’t really mind about the price if I’m able to watch Satellite TV for life after a one-time payment!
I was not looking for any Satellite PC software! I just want it live on my television!
Your recommendations are greatly appreciated!

admin answers:

Buy a FTA satellite system. Here is a list of free channels available on ASIASAT 3S at 105.5 E.