Digital TV Antenna Installation Sydney

Our experienced technicians will test the tv signal that is coming to your home and determine what antenna is required, which transmitter that we need to capture the signal from and the most appropriate antenna suited to your needs.

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The antenna chosen by our technician will provide the strongest and clearest signal, and take into consideration external interference such as 4G and 5G interference from mobile telephone towers.

When the technician has selected the correct antenna for your home he will  install the antenna to the desired location, test all components in the antenna system and then finally tune the TVs in the home to the correct settings.


Where your antenna will be installed on your roof  may vary from home to home as whether the roof is a tile roof, a colorbond roof or even a flat roof will have to be taken into consideration in a discussion with you’re the customer and our technician.

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Please call Denis Bowman, the owner, 0411 273 648, for advice as to your requirements.