Main Reasons Of Poor TV Reception

There can be a number of reasons you may be experiencing poor TV reception. The best way to determine this is to use an expert who can come to your home, asses your set-up then diagnose and resolve the problem.

The first thing we would look at is your antenna. Is it an analogue antenna? Or Digital? How old is it? These factors can determine the quality of your picture. We will then look at where it is mounted. Sometimes the position of the antenna can affect the quality of reception you will get. Ideally, it should be pointing in the correct direction for the signal (this is something only a professional can diagnose).

We will then asses the cabling. Most cabling can last 15-20 years so even if you have old cabling installed, unless it is kinked or damaged in some way, it should be fine for digital TV. An expert will also be able to assess the splitters and wall plates. These can be damaged during storms and in Sydney, we know this is not an uncommon occurrence.

Further to assessing the actual antenna and cabling set-up, we can then also check your tuning. All new TV’s are made with an automatic tuning feature. This means once tuned, they should stay that way however, in rare cases, there may be an issues with the manufacturing of the TV.

One of the most common reasons for poor TV reception is cheap cabling. Don’t spend thousands on a TV and one dollar on a cable. Using top quality wiring will guarantee you a top quality picture.

Lastly, interference can be the cause. This can come from computers, air conditioners/heaters and powerlines.

If you are having issues with your picture quality in Sydney/Hills District, contact us today!