Do You Need One TV Antenna for Each TV ?

Most homes in Australia have at least three TV sets. When properly configured a single antenna can easily be used for multiple televisions in your home. You can also use an individual antenna for each television throughout the house, however, some of the TVs might be located in an area of your home that faces away from the transmitter.

As experts in digital TV antenna services Sydney, we specialize in setting up single antennas for multiple TVs. We also need to take into account other factors when setting up your antenna such as the location of your home, amazing viewing, and cabling are amazing viewing result can be achieved with a quality antenna.

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Buying a single quality antenna is the best solution when you want a great TV reception. For terrific results, you can use your existing cable TV wiring. It can be tricky to find the cable… it could be located in the basement, outside in the backyard or in the garage. You will need special tools to connect it. If this cable is being used for internet access it cannot also be used for TV as well.

The other option is to use a new quality splitter with short cable lengths. For 2 TVs use a two-way splitter. For 3 use a three-way splitter. Generally, you will also need to add a quality amplifier to the antenna. You will need some superior caliber cabling as well. Before your set up your antenna, test it at each individual TV location.

When setting up multiple TVs move your antenna to an optimal location in line with broadcasting towers. Setting up multiple TV’s can be tricky. At times they can all work fine with singular antennas, and then when an outdoor antenna is installed the reception can fail. For quality digital antenna installation Sydney areas contact us. We have over 30 years of experience in television installation and repairs and the problems associated with them!