How To Protect Digital TV Antenna

If your antenna is outside, your signal and TV quality can be affected by wet and windy weather. Having a windproof antenna installed will help tremendously. Strong winds in Sydney can actually move your external antenna and have it pointing in the wrong direction, affecting yourTV reception.If you take the following tips into consideration, you can enjoy your favorite TV programs with prime reception no matter how bad the weather is outside!

Ensure Your Antenna is Secure

For the best television reception in bad weather always ensure that you secure your antenna adequately to the roof. You will need to purchase the correct installation tools and brackets and then fix your antenna in the direction of the transmitter.A signal meter will help you to find where the ideal direction is in relation to the transmitter.

Waterproof  Your Entry Points

Plaster can deteriorate over time and allow water to come inside and damage your electrical system, cabling, and TV points.Use a waterproof sealant on the hole where the cable enters your home. Be sure to waterproof and seal the points of the antenna. If water is leaking into your home contact Accent Antenna Service Sydney for repairs for safety reasons.

Install Your Antenna in Your Attic

A loft or attic is the ideal place to install your antenna, keeping it safe from the elements while giving you ready access to the antenna whenever maintenance is required. If possible have your antenna installed in your loft or attic rather than on the roof outside.

If you follow these tips you will see better reception when the weather is less than ideal. In the case where your antenna has been affected by storm, wind or inclement weather always for safety reasons and best results have it checked and repaired by an expert. For tv antenna repairs and repairs to a satellite dish, Sydney areas contact us. We are available 7 am to 9 pm 7 days per week.