John asks…

Re-aligning TV aerial to receive freeview in the UK?

I just checked on and can’t get freeview on my local transmitter (Lydbrook, West). If I were to re-align or point an additional aerial to Ridge Hill, Central that broadcasts freeview, how do I go about where to point it?
I’d rather not pay my entire wages to someone to do it for me so I want to do it myself, is this possible?


admin answers:

Not a clue. I have a freeview box in my bedroom and my son has one in his and ours work off indoor aerials.

Jenny asks…

Is there anyway of getting TV channels without a on the roof TV aerial in the UK???

admin answers:

You can get 5 or 6 channels from an indoor aeriel. But the best thing is to buy a tv with built in freeview, I got a little LCD on eBay gets 30+ channels with the indoor aeriel it came with.

Linda asks…

Why do I get intermittent and seemingly random interference with my analogue tv aerial in the UK?

When watching tv, my picture goes fuzzy after a while, on all channels. I currently have terrestrial tv, but the same used to interfere with my digibox, rendering most channels unobtainable.

To fix the problem, all I do is unplug the aerial lead either at the tv or the wall, and plug it in again – bingo, clear picture. Then a few minutes later the interference occurs again, and I have to get up again and repeat. Sometimes, just to be unpredictable, the picture clears again without me doing anything.

Any pearls of wisdom on this annoyance greatly appreciated!

admin answers:

Agc control in your tv is faulty
the cable is broken internally [not likely]
an aircraft has flown over? [not likely either]
a tree has grown in direct path with your aerial’s line of sight to the transmitter and is blowing in the breeze [a possability]

try the aerial in a different tv set

what sometimes happens is rainwater runs down the inside of the coaxial cable and runs into the tuner of the tv causing faults – though you mentioned you had a wall socket – but its worth a look to see if there is corrosion at the wallsocket plate