Just because you can see hundreds of thousands of Free to Air TV

antennas with the holding mast protruding from the roof tiles, it
doesn’t mean that the work is watertight.
This really requires the expertise of a properly proven and trained antenna installation professional, not a home handyma                                  old thSydney TV Antenna Installation Reviews
To get the right person for the job, you can read their reviews, but ask if your able to contact the person who wrote the review.
Call Fair Trading and ask about their reputation.
Use your judgement as to the voice on the phone, and the presentation of the technician who arrives at the front door.
If after talking on the phone and meeting the technician, if you wouldn’t invite them to dinner at your home, there is no way you should invite them onto your premises.
Always ask to be emailed a copy of their insurance policies, “Certificates of Currency”, this is the Legal jargon for the copy of the “paid” Policy.
Under no circumstances should you allow a technician onto your property without viewing the Installation Companies “Certificates of Insurance”.
Anyway, after scaring the living daylights out of you, call me and we will discuss your requirements, and after our conversation, you can make your mind up if “I’m coming to Dinner”,
a joke, but you understand my way of determining who you should invite into your home.
Good viewing and enjoy.
Denis Bowman
Managing Director (owner)
of Accent Antennas
0411 273 648