With the unknowns coming with the situation in the World at the moment, obviously meaning “The Virus”, it’s time to prepare for possibly a lot of time spent at home, rather than going out in crowds as much as usual.

In times of downturns in economic conditions, it is traditional for people to spend much time at home for enjoyment.

In economic downturns of the past, TV and Home Entertainment have been the mainstay for the “Stay at Homers”.


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Alcohol and cigarettes have always been consumed as much in financial troubles, to help ease the pain of unemployment.

This time the unemployment unfortunately looks like coming from a “Virus”, which has the ability to cause a World Wide Recession.

As in China and now in Italy, large parts of those Countries have and were shut down, and the population had to have a reason which was designated by the Government to leave their homes.

Accent Antennas Sydney, will be here to help those that decide or have been told to stay home, so TV and Home Entertainment will be a mainstay.

Taking up playing a musical instrument is another way of using the time for good use.

All we ask of our clients is for them to be honest with us in regards to why their home for a period of time, and between us and them we will take a healthy path in providing a safe service for all.

Good health and happiness to all!

Denis Bowman

General Manager of

Accent Antennas Sydney

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