Are you really still paying for landline bills in your business? If you are, it is time to stop! Australian businesses are qualifying for price cuts on their phone related bills. Your out-dated landline is doing nothing but hindering the success and progress of your business. Avoid paying a single cent more next month by making a change for the better.

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Don’t feel bad if you have been one of the many businesses fooled into believing that the only way to get quality phone calls is through old and outdated landlines, which chew up your budgets. The truth is actually the opposite.

Back when landlines were the only option on the market (20 years ago), they could ask for a fortune in setup and maintenance costs. In our modern day and age however, this is no longer the case and with mobile networks and internet connections stronger and more powerful than ever, landline technology has become redundant. Despite this, landline networks are still charging businesses, like yours, extortionate prices.

Lucky for you though, you can now have access to a recently developed hybrid phone system that allows you to make higher quality phone calls, without the ridiculous price tag. Not to mention that implementing a more cost effective and modern system could make you very popular in your workplace, did someone say promotion?

This new technology is known as VoIP, which is quite simply, Voice Over Internet Protocol. Instead of using old and unreliable telephone lines, your calls go through lighting-speed internet cables. Now you can get crystal clear audio, voicemail transcriptions, and cheaper international calling with ease. Never pay a landline bill again!