Betty asks…

i need to fit aerials for 5 tv with free view help?

i have main tv aerial that works well but need to add more and need help

admin answers:

If you go to a reputable TV specialist shop,they can install an amplifier to feed several TV sets from the main TV aerial assuming that the current TV aerial is fit to receive freeview. As to cost,I have one amplifer fitted from my main TV aerial by a professional at £75.00.

I would urge you to contact a TV aerial specialist company and make sure you get at least three quotes. It will not be cheap,but if done properly,and by a professional,it will provide your tvs with a lasting and proper link.

If you live in the Spalding area,I recommend TV Aerials in WInsover Road who did mine.Outstanding job.

All the very best.

Chris asks…

TV Aerials??? Can i get a long cable?

I need to buy a TV Aerial cable for a tv in my room but the tv has to go on the opposite side to the aerial connection, can you buy longer cables than the usually? and where can you in the UK?

admin answers:

You should go to the electronics store to see what options you have. They usually carry cables of varying lengths.

If there is no such product available then you should get in touch with the cable service provider or someone with the tech support of the TV that you own to get a clear-cut answer.

Mark asks…

Anybody know anything about TV aerials?

We have just moved house and can not understand the setup, there are two aerials on the roof, with two co-axels coming in to the house, both to the same room and it runs though the house to each of the bedrooms. still the old analogue aerials and we are in a poor signal area. I purchased a booster box but still not tv. Any ideas?
Both aerials are pointing in the same direction

admin answers:

Apparently one antenna was pointed at one set of transmitters and the other antenna was pointed at another set. There is no difference between an “analogue” and a “digital” antenna, the antennas are the same. Since there are two sets of coax to each room, they probably used a switch to switch between the antennas. Being in a poor signal area, this type of arrangement is plausible.

I would check the antennas for condition, corrosion, etc. And to see if they are still aimed in the proper directions. If you are not getting enough signal for your receiver to decode, you may need better antennas. Amplifiers don’t always work with digital because they amplify noise along with the signal. If you amplify noise, you just get louder noise and don’t really solve the problem. If you do use an amplifier, it needs to be as close to the antenna as you can get it.