Many customers just rely on “Price”, and that eventually is why many buyers

are left red-faced and out of pocket.

With Accent Antennas Sydney, our price is not rock-bottom, but our work

is only produced by our experienced team who are time proven.

Our work is waranteed and guaranteed, ask for a copy of our insurances.

There are many fly-by-nighters out there, doing TV related work for “bargain” prices, but if a problem eventuates, they can’t be found.

Their either in another industry or working under another business name, you will never be able to locate them.




We know who some of these “sleaze bags” are and their what is known in the industry as “Phantoms”, their out there, but invisible as far as their previous identities were known to customers.

We only keep a small spot-on team, we’re like war time commandos, fast and hit the mark by using only the best.

We invite you to call us and obtain a quote over the phone or we will come to your home and quote you, the phone is always manned from 7am to 9pm and is only answered by the owner, so you know it’s not some inexperienced office worker you’ll be talking to.

Try us, we’re waiting!


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