It is nothing but a TV Antenna. The antenna is designed to receive television signals which are broadcast.

What is a TV Aerial?

It is nothing but a TV Antenna. The antenna is designed to receive television signals which are broadcast. The TV aerial or Antenna comprises of certain elements which are housed on a pole and installed on the top of the roof. The length of the elements is derived as equal to half the wavelength of the signal they are supposed to receive. The wavelength of signal is equal to speed of signal divided by the frequency. The frequency of transmission of the signal varies from 41 to 250 MHz (VHF band) and 470 to 960 MHz (UHF band). The frequency varies from country to country. The frequency also varies with the purpose; for example the defense force of a country uses a different frequency, the airports operate at some other frequency, etc.

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Types of TV aerials:

With the improvement in telecommunication technology, newer versions of TV antenna have started flooding the market. Now, antennas are available for both indoor and outdoor use. ‘Rabbit ears’, ‘bunny aerials’ are some of the popular forms of antennas for indoor use. However, these indoor antennas are not as efficient as outdoor antennas. The outdoor antennas evenly receive the signals and are efficient in transmitting the signals. At the same time, the capacity of the outdoor antenna can be enhanced by adding some more elements. These features are not available in indoor antennas.

Some of the most popular varieties of outdoor antenna include small multi directional, large multi directional and medium multidirectional antennas. Similarly there are large, medium and small directional outdoor antennas. As the very name suggests each of these various types of antennas have varying capacities of receiving signals. For example, large multi directional antenna is designed to receive signals from all directions and can receive signals even from about 70 kilometers. On the other hand the large directional outdoor antenna can receive signals from a particular direction with a range of about 100 kilometers.


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Normally antennas are installed on the top of the roof or in the attic (below the pitched roofs). In the normal course, those tv aerial which are installed at a higher place will be able to transmit clear signals. Antennas which are not multi directional should be turned towards the direction where the signal is available. A wire is connected from the antenna to the television unit and by this procedure the television unit gets the signal.
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