Mary asks…

What risks are associated with living in a studio in eastern Sydney?

Thank you for reading my question.
Can you please let me know what risks and pitfalls are associated with living in an studio apartment in the eastern suburbs?

Is there any specific pitfall or risk or problem with leaving in a flat 20+ floor (level) of a building?

What is the usual rent for a furnished studio in the northern and eastern suburbs?

Thank you very much.
I wanted to add some details to the question, I saw some studio in the advertisement websites like and the renting is about 350, do thye have some problem which has a cheaper rent?
an example of these advertisement are the followinglinks:

The other question is about the safety and well being of suburbs, I read that I should avoid western and southern suburbs and only try to stay in eastern and northern suburbs and other suburbs are not good enough or are not safe. I want to know whether I focus on eastern or northern suburbs?

admin answers:

Not much really. The only problem if whether you can afford to rent there or not as the Eastern Suburbs is one of the most affluent areas of Sydney. It is a safe area with great beaches and shopping centres nearby. I would be worried about taking the elevators, especially if you live on the upper floors because in the event of a fire (forbid it will happen), it may be harder to evacuate. You shouldn’t let that be a main concern though. Take the stairs whenever you can.

EDIT: In regards to crime areas, you do not necessarily have to spend big bucks to get a place in the north or east to avoid crime. Some places in the Inner West such as Burwood and places in the south such as Hurstville or even the Shire are safe.

Linda asks…

What is the best Boarding School in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney?

Laura asks…


Ok, so ive been absaloutley everywhere searching the internet for function centres and hired halls for 18th birthday parties and its truley imbossible. they always say we dont allow 18th birthday parties becasue of the bad expereinces we have and blah blah blah . Makes me dissapointed becasue i finally have my hopes up. I would really appreciate if anyone knows any places where its a function room more than hiring a hall and if its in the eastern suburbs where i can have my own DJ and where it can fit roughly 50 people and is cheap. I would really appreciate it thanks

If you can find a place just copy and paste the link at the bottom thankyouu.

admin answers:

Hiring halls for an 18th is a thing of the past due to mobile phones, gatecrashers violence and damages etc. Your best bet is at a function room in a club.