Lisa asks…

Will my existing outdoor antenna work with my new digital tv tuner?

i have a outdoor antenna that is about 10 years old but in good condition. i was wondering if digital tv tuners can get a signal using it

admin answers:

Yes, antenna does not change, just the tuner in the receiver.

David asks…

Will old outdoor antenna work to get digital tv?

Moving to a house that has the old school antenna on the roof, the kind that has a pole going all the way to the ground from the roof. It has the old split connection that use to be used before coaxial started being used. Is there any way of making it work as the antenna to be hooked to my digital converter box or should we just tear it down?

admin answers:

The antenna should work fine. Go to RadioShack & buy a 300 ohm to 75 ohm balun converter & you should be set.

Daniel asks…

how to build a outdoor tv antenna vhf uhf digital analog?

how to build a outdoor tv antenna vhf uhf digital analog

admin answers:

Search the web for “build gray hoverman”.