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We have 20+ years of experience with antennas: TV, UHF and VHF signals, plus the problems that are associated with them. We’re Sydney antenna specialists servicing Sydney metropolitan and Eastern Suburbs. We also cover emergency after hours tv reception issues & repairs.

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  • All our jobs are insured and customer satisfaction is our top priority.
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  • We can help you with any kind of installation, whether it’s a new tv antenna, or Foxtel satellite dish.
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Our Services

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TV Antenna Installations

Forget climbing on the roof to do it yourself, leave it to the experts. We will ensure antennas are mounted safely to the roof and all your cabling is neatly hidden away. For outstanding picture quality, get in touch with our professional Sydney/Hills District team.

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TV Antenna Repairs

We will come to your home and test your existing TV reception apparatus to determine what is necessary to right the problem. We understand how frustrating poor reception can be so don’t put up with it another day, our friendly team will come to your home, determine the issue and resolve it for you, quickly and effectively.

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Antenna Replacement

Don’t get left behind with your old analog TV. The age of Digital TV has arrived! Your picture quality plus the extra channels will greatly enhance your TV viewing experience!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Antennas in Sydney

It’s possible to conduct antenna installation yourself. However, there are many considerations to keep in mind if you are considering self-installation. Specifically, you must have:

  • The right tools: Specific tools and equipment are needed to install an antenna, and some of these tools are expensive. A digital signal meter, for example, is needed to help determine the strength of signal for each TV channel in different areas of your home. This is an expensive piece of equipment, and it is not readily available to the DIY installer.
  • A firm understanding of what to do: Your antenna must be installed in a very specific way, as digital TV signals can dissipate if there is too much distance between your TV and your antenna. Otherwise, you will need an amplifier or to install a specific kind of antenna. All of these things must be kept in mind, and if you have the wrong information on hand it simply won’t work.
  • A clear view of where to mount and point your antenna: In the same vein, you need to know where to point your antenna. This requires that you know where your local TV transmission station is, and that you choose the right antenna.
  • An understanding of how to install cables and wall plates: It’s not just about installing a TV antenna – you also have to run the cables from the antenna, through the wall plates, and to the TV that you’re trying to power. This takes a strong understanding of your home structure and how to safely do this kind of work.

If you don’t feel proficient in any of the above, we recommend that you get a professional installation. Otherwise, you face having to re-do the installation and.or having a weak signal.

As a rule of thumb, the distance between an antenna and a power line should be twice the length of the antenna plus the length of the mast. For most, this translates to approximately 6 metres.

If your antenna does come in contact with a power line, do not attempt to address the issue yourself. Instead, simply wait and call in a professional. Otherwise, you risk fire or electrical shock.

There are a few best practices you can follow to avoid reception problems in your Sydney suburb. Specifically, we recommend that you:

  • Start by making sure that the coaxial cable is the right length for your installation needs. This will help make sure you have the best reception possible.
  • Consider using a preamplifier to boost weak signals if you’re using a splitter, a diplexer, or if your cable runs longer than 100 feet.

That said, if you live close to broadcast towers, you can still face signal loss due to “multipath interference.” To help combat this problem, you can aim your antenna in a different direction and scan for channels. If this doesn’t help, a professional might need to provide a better solution.

Some other rules of thumb to follow? Make sure that your antenna is not installed near metallic objects or reflective surfaces, as these can cause signal interferences.

If your reception problems persist, organise an antenna repair today.

If you are choosing between an indoor and an outdoor TV antenna, there are certain considerations and facts to keep in mind.

Indoor TV antennas are:

  • Less expensive than their outdoor counterparts.
  • Easy to assemble, as they can also be mounted directly onto a wall or window
  • Small and compact, which can make installation more straightforward.
  • Good for apartments or buildings in dense urban areas.

That said, they are inherently weaker than outdoor antennas, and household objects can easily cause antenna interference.  Outdoor antennas, on the other hand, tend to be much larger and more sensitive than internal antennas. They are more likely to get long-distance signals, and less likely to create any interference. Additionally, they don’t cause any clutter or eyesores inside the home.

When you work with a professional team like Accent Antennas, the installation can be completed in a matter of hours. This is because our professional team will have:

  • All the materials ready
  • The information needed to bring the right materials and cables
  • Experience needed to execute quickly and without mistakes
  • The right people to get the job done

Learn more about our services including TV wall mounting, Antenna replacement, and Foxtel; satellite dish installation.

Or, if you have any further questions regarding TV antennas in Sydney, feel free to reach out to us directly on 0411 273 648 and we’ll be happy to help.


We understand the frustration that antenna problems and spotty reception cause. So you shouldn’t have to endure these problems for a second longer than you have to. That’s why we proudly offer next-day OR same-day service to ensure swift solutions to your audiovisual needs.

Get in touch with a member of the Accent Antennas team on 0411 273 648 to find out whether we offer same-day services to your suburb.

Short answer, “it depends”.

Analogue antennas are capable of receiving digital signals. However, since the discontinuation of analogue signal in 2013, older and outdated aerials may result in more signal interruptions or worse signal quality. The more important challenge is to identify whether your aerial receives Ultra-High Frequency (UHF) or Very-High Frequency (VHF). Free-to-air signals are broadcast on these two different frequencies (which can be frustrating, we know), and you’ll need the correct antenna to enjoy the shows you love.

A member of our experienced team can help you decide whether your current aerial is suitable or whether you need to upgrade your antenna to ensure you get crystal-clear Freeview channels and that you’re not sold a product you don’t need.


We supply and install Australian-made products to ensure your aerial can handle the elements whether rain, wind, damaging UV rays or any other environmental challenge. We also work to weather-proof any cabling entry points to ensure internal and external equipment is protected and safe.

Our technicians can also help you identify the correct antenna depending on your location, building type and signal strength. Our current antenna range is made to the highest quality standards and allows us to offer a peace of mind five year warranty on materials and an industry-leading 20-year industry on workmanship.

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