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When making a decision on who you allow to come onto your premises for the purpose of quoting or a task you require.

Always ask yourself, “Would I trust this person to come to my home for dinner?”
If the worker is unkempt, smells of alcohol or tobacco, untidy hair, didn’t shave today, talks in a rough manner, would you invite them to dinner?

The old saying, “Never judge a book by it’s cover”, has never been something I have lived my life by, to me it’s all self intuition, some of the “old sayings” we were taught as children, have much to be desired.


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The “Old sayings”, that often come from the Medieval ages, are what we call “Taglines”, or “Cliches”, and were often based on superstition.

So, self intuition works for me, and I don’t give superstition, “The time of day”, to quote a cliche.
When a representative of mine, goes to a prospective clients premises, you can be assured they were chosen by me, to have all the attributes of somebody you would “Invite for dinner”.
Thank you for your time to read what I believe in.
Denis Bowman
Company Director
Accent Antennas Sydney
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