Wires. Cables. Odd-looking antennas sticking out of the roof.

There’s a lot that goes into installing the equipment and components that bring the right TV reception to your home or business. And it can be understandable for an untrained eye to see all of those wires and think that they need an electrician for their installation or repair job.

However, electricians are not qualified, licensed, or insured to do work when it comes to TV receivers. Despite seeming like an electrical job, this installation is actually a nuanced project that requires a specialist with the right equipment and understanding for the job.

Here, we’ll explain in more detail exactly why you won’t want to call out for a local Sydney electrician when it comes to your TV antenna installation.

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5 reasons to go with an antenna pro rather than an electrician

#1: All cables are not created the same

First and foremost is the fact that tv cables are not electrical cables. Electricians are trained and qualified to work with cables that carry an electrical current, like those used to carry power to appliances and lights. TV cables are coaxial and are designed to transmit signals at a high frequency, like those that carry your television programs across the airwaves.

Because of these differences, electricians are not licensed to work with coaxial cabling or other related equipment. In fact, they are not licensed to work on security or telephone wiring either, while we’re on the topic.

#2: The tools of the trade

Even if an unqualified electrician wanted to attempt to do the installation job, they would pretty quickly find that they simply lack the tools to do things properly. The parts and finesse involved in the installation are many, from amplifiers to mounting brackets and television points inside the home or business itself.

Qualified installers have a plethora of tools that they use to ensure that they are able to route wires, install equipment, and calibrate signals to ensure the best picture on your television. Electricians simply don’t have these tools available to them on a regular basis.

#3: Tuned out to tuning in

Speaking of calibrating your television signal, there’s a lot more that goes into installation than simply mounting a receiver. The best tv installers in Sydney will leverage circuit testers and spectrum analyzers to measure and ensure that you are getting the best signal possible with the positioning of your receiver. Signal power is essential to a picture-perfect picture on your television screen, and while an electrician (or anyone for that matter) might be able to hook things up or plug them in, they won’t be able to calibrate the receiver to ensure picture quality.

#4: Safety comes first

Not to say that electricians don’t practice their own brand of safety. But most TV installations happen on rooftops, a place that is treacherous for many tradies to traverse. Specially trained TV installers should be well-versed in exactly how to maneuver safely on a rooftop to install and adjust your new receiver. This is a practice that most electricians don’t have.

#5: Quality over quantity

Not all receivers are created equal, and a trained specialist will understand the differences. Different options may be designed for different signal types or will work better in different areas of Sydney than others. Working with a TV installer will help you cut down the back and forth of trying to find the right match by installing the best option, the right way, the first time.

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What to look for when choosing an antenna installer

You’re convinced that you need to work with a TV installer but aren’t sure where to start? That’s okay! There are a number of different criteria you can use to narrow down the playing field here in Sydney and find the right fit for your project.

While there are no formal certifications or licenses that govern the installation, it can help to start by looking at the level of experience an operator has. The more experience, the more likely they are to understand the specifics about TV, UHG, and VHF signals in your exact area. You’ll also want to go with someone hyper-local who is based in Sydney and understands the makeup of the available towers, repeaters, and signal availability. This can help you get the best picture in your home as they make on-point recommendations for the different types and ensure that your install is accurate.

Since you’ll probably want someone out fast, especially if your TV is on the fritz, look for people who provide same or next day service in your area. You’ll also want to be sure they offer free quotes for their services and be clear on whether there are any call out fees for estimates. This way, there are no surprises for you when it comes to costs.

Then, of course, there are warranties. You’re going to get a new warranty (hopefully!) with your new receiver from the manufacturer. But the receiver is only part of the installation. You’ll want to be sure that the workmanship that’s done on your roof, the wiring, and the televisions points added to your home are also covered by some kind of guarantee. The best installers will stand by their work no matter what.

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Tune in to the best TV you can get with the right antenna installer

While it’s natural to think of electricians when you think of wiring, TV installers are the way to go when it comes to anything with your television set up. From television points to home entertainment systems, to the receiver sitting on your roof, you won’t want to call on an electrician to work on these things. They simply aren’t qualified to do the work.

Instead, you can call our team. We have over 30 years of experience in Sydney installing and repairing television antennas and associated equipment. We can consult with you to find the best option for your home or business’s needs and provide fast free quotes so you can budget accordingly.

The best part? We know Sydney inside and out, so we’re sure to be able to get you the best picture possible based on your location. To that end, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our work as well as a 20-year workmanship warranty. That’s on top of the manufacturer product warranty!

For more information about our services, just give us a call on 0411 273 648 or request a free quote online today.