Mark asks…

TV antenna and Onkyo TX-SR608?

I have Sony Bravia KDL 55NX810 (has 1.4 HDMI Audio Return channel) and Onkyo TX-SR608 receiver (1.4 HDMI Audio Return channel capable).

Currently I attach my HDTV antenna coaxial cable directly to TV instead of Onkyo Receiver. The only connection from receiver : 1.4 HDMI brings the audio signal to receiver. I have not taken cable / satellite service, only free on-air HD channels from HDTV antenna (which does not have HDMI output)

I am not sure why the Coaxial Antenna threaded plug is given on the receiver’s back panel. I tried to connect the coaxial TV antenna there and expecting the TV to recognize the antenna connection to receiver which is connected to TV via 1.4 HDMI , but TV DID NOT recognize any antenna existence.

The official manual does not speak about TV antenna signal from the threaded coaxial plug input, all it talks about is FM/AM tuner.

1] Is it NOT EXPECTED at all to connect HDTV coaxial antenna to receiver ?

2] If thats not the case, how can I connect HDTV antenna to receiver and get recognized by TV ?

3] If thats not doable, are there any HDTV antenna‘s (with tuner box) which gives out HDMI output ? If I buy a used Satellite Tuner box (no Satellite service), will it give me free HDTV channels converted to HDMI output ?

admin answers:

You should be using RG6 cable running directly from the antenna to the coax in of the HDTV you may not be using the proper cable there are various types of Coax…the older…RG59 cable will not carry an HD signal over longer distances, this could be your problem you are using the wrong cable use RG6 cable all the way from antenna to TV….also a newer cable you can use indoors is RG60 which would be fine and may produce a better signal…but RG6 will work. You can use splitter to run another lead to the Receiver for FM reception. Run the splitter near to the TV connection for best results. HD signals come from the TV station if they are not broadcasting in HD then there is nothing you can do about it.

Daniel asks…

Can my old DTV satellite dish be used as an antenna?

I had to cancel my Direct TV satellite service (too expensive). The dish is still on my rooftop and I was wondering…I am currently just using rabbit ear antenna‘s for tv (analog) reception. Could the co-axial cable from the dish be hooked up to my tv to provide better reception? When I was young we used to use coat hangers for antenna‘s so I thought maybe you still could use makeshift antenna‘s for better reception.

admin answers:

No it will not work.
Hey coat hangers still work well and will with DTV as well.
Google “coat hanger tv antennas” you will get thousands in returns.

US dish will not work.
Wildman, you are US?
India? Not my concern

Mandy asks…

Is this the end of free TV?

Have other senior citizens heard about this already and I just now caught up? I’ve been hearing that our old televisions will not work to receive over-the-air broadcasts beginning February 2009. If you don’t have a digital TV then you have to buy a converter box. Does that mean we can no longer use a TV antenna? Will we be forced to hook up to the cable or satellite TV services? I have old televisions at my house. Neither one is the digital type.
I’m sorry about all those Thumbs Down that are showing up. I am not doing it. I do appreciate each one of you who have answered my question.

admin answers:

It’s not the end of free tv…it’s the end of the outdated poor resolution quality tv signal. Yes you would have to buy a converter box to use a dinosaur tv….unless you sign up and get the free $40 dollar coupon from the government.


This is a step in the right direction. As was the transition from black and white to color tv…