Do You Need to Boost Your Outdoor Antenna Signal?

Although you may have a quality receiver, sometimes it is difficult to get a clear signal on your digital TV. There are many ways in which you can boost an outdoor antenna signal, and receive maximum viewing results for your TV reception in Sydney. Please find 4 methods below. A professional installation is recommended to implement these processes.

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Attach a Motorised Rotator

This will allow you to get multiple signals on your TV. You will always be able to conveniently rotate the receiver to the transmitter for the channel that you are presently watching.

Avoid Physical Barriers

Tall buildings and bushland can affect the signal transmission and result in a less than ideal TV reception. The TV should be as high as possible – and definitely be higher than any item in your house including the roof and the chimney.

Reconfigure the Antenna’s Aim

Move your receiver to a new location or height. Check the direction of the aim if using an outdoor receiver. Watch the signal strength on the television as the receiver is moved or aimed. Make sure it’s is pointed in the direction of the nearest transmitter.

Add an Inline Booster

Install this between the receiver and the antenna. This can increase the signal strength and give you clearer images and sound. They help to reduce and stop noise from electrical systems and will reduce interference.

Any of the above will boost your outdoor antenna signal. All process are very technical and require an expert to get the best results. We have a broad range of experience and knowledge and can quickly diagnose and fix the problem using a wide range of solutions. For assistance, contact us.