Since the commencement of their operations, “WIRES”, has never had this happen before.

A homeowner in Glen Alpine, 50kms south west of Sydney, called “Wires”, after a neighbour told her that there was a kangaroo on her roof.

The property owner, thought it was a practical joke or a child’s toy had been thrown up onto her roof as a prank.

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When the resident realised that it was indeed a kangaroo on her roof, the Wires representative, Ms. Koutsomihalis was called and got out of bed at 11am on Sunday night and drove 30 minutes to the property.

When the wildlife rescuer arrived at the property, she identified the animal as a Wallaroo, which looks like a stocky Wallaby.

The animal was obviously very scared and was panting heavily, which can lead to death for an animal when scared.

Also the drop to the ground where the Wallaroo was was very high at the point of the house, and a busy road underneath.

The Wires representative got from her car, a large flag type pole, used to coax koalas down from trees and put a pillowcase on the end of it.

Guests at the home positioned their cars to make a barricade to stop the animal from running out onto the busy road, which then left open a free run to a wildlife corridor next to the home.

The wallaroo was coaxed to the side of the roof where the drop was not too high, and the next morning it jumped off itself and took off along the wildlife corridor.

Wires decided the wallaroo could have been chased by dogs and took the huge leap onto the roof for safety.

As far as a warranty on the existing tv receiver, Accent Antennas would gladly replace any tv antenna damage from a kangaroo that we had installed.