TV antennas allow for access to TV, UHF, and VHF signals throughout Sydney, giving homeowners access to free to air channels (Freeview) that add entertainment throughout the year. But they are also subjected to the elements on a daily basis, and it’s inevitable that they will not last forever. Replacing your antenna is one task. Finding the best TV antenna installer for the job is quite another.

Too many fly-by-night handymen have popped up across Sydney, touting that they’ll be more than willing to shimmy up to the roof and swap out your receiver for you. But what you will be missing out on is an optimised experience that only the professionals can provide. That’s because there is more to the installation than simply affixing it within a mount on the roof. They need to be calibrated correctly for your unique needs and location.

But how do you find the best tv antenna installer to work with? There are quite a few steps you can take to narrow down the playing field and get the best signal possible.

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Signs it’s time for a new antenna

First things first: how can you tell that you need a new receiver in the first place? The good news is that with the best TV antenna installer on the scene, they might be able to diagnose your problems as a repair job rather than a complete replacement. That’s what makes turning to the experts so important.

Of course, there are signs that there are issues with your receiver which are easy for any homeowner to detail for their technician. Here are just a few signs you might be in need of a new receiver:

  • Your service is unreliable with a signal that comes in and out at random.
  • Your TV displays messages such as “searching” rather than tuning in to the channel you’ve selected.
  • Channels that you typically enjoy are no longer available without a change to your plan or access.
  • You are experiencing a complete loss of signal with zero channels available to you.

None of these are ideal situations and are all great reasons to call out for the repair or replacement. You can also do a visual check of your receiver (safely from the ground) to see whether you can detect any damage or direction changes. You might benefit from a tune up rather than a full replacement depending on what has knocked your receiver out of proper service.

Can I install a TV antenna myself?

While there is no regulation that is preventing you from trying this, it is strongly recommended that you turn to the experts instead. For starters, installing a TV antenna is a dangerous job that involves steep and angled roof surfaces that are not always the safest to walk on.

What’s more, the installation takes more know-how than just how to swap a receiver out in a mount. The right tools are needed, including specialized equipment like a digital signal meter, to be able to calibrate the receiver properly for the best signal. In some cases, cables and other amplifiers are needed for the installation to be successful. All of this should be managed by a company that vouches for their work and offers warranties so you, and your home, are protected.

What to look for in the best antenna installer

Experience is key when it comes to installation. Technologies change over the years, and the best installers will have deep understanding of the latest technologies needed to get the right signal for your home. This includes years of experience researching and assessing homes to provide not just installation services but also recommendations on the best equipment for the job. No two homes will have the exact same signal needs, and a top installer will understand this and bring a personalized approach to the project.

On top of experience, you will want to get a sense of the licensing and insurance that a company has before you work with them. Getting up on a roof of other tall structure is a dangerous task that should be left to professionals with the right coverage.

Warranties are another key component of a great installation. The best TV antenna installers will stand behind their work and guarantee the quality of your signal. If there’s an issue with it, they’ll come back to make it right.

How to choose the best TV antenna installer

Having decided to turn to the pros for your project, you’ll want to be sure to ask them the right questions to narrow down who you should work with. Start by asking about their years in the industry, and choose only a firm that has ample experience. From there, you can also ask the following:

  • Who does the work on your projects? In house or subcontracted employees?
  • Do you carry insurance and registration for your business?
  • What warranties do you offer on the equipment?
  • Are there any workmanship guarantees on the installation?
  • How long will my project take to complete?
  • Do you provide consultation or advice on which receiver is best for my home?
  • How do you access the roof safely and securely?
  • How far out are you booking projects?
  • What areas of Sydney are you most familiar with working in?
  • Can you calibrate a signal for UHF or VHF frequencies?
  • What estimates or free quotes are available for your services?
  • Do you offer repair and maintenance services?
  • Can you run cabling and install wall points?
  • Do you offer adjustment services if my receiver is dislocated or needs recalibration?
  • What is the typical wait for service calls?
  • Do you install mastheads and amplifiers if needed?
  • What brands do you work with the most?

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