You want the best picture quality and sound for your favourite free-to-air channels. That’s a no-brainer.

The real question is whether to install an antenna yourself or make a call to your local aerial professionals for help. Whether you’re replacing a damaged receiver or installing a brand new aerial on the roof of your Sydney home, the option to tackle the job with some DIY spirit and a ladder can be tempting.

But is it safe to install your own receiver? How much will it cost to hire a professional? And what’s the best way to guarantee crisp, high-quality reception in your Sydney suburb?

If you’ve been thinking about repairing or upgrading your current receiver, you’ll need answers to these questions before you make up your mind. To help you save time, money and a whole lotta hassle, read on for the full pros and cons of antenna installation.

Why you should call in the experts

Let’s simplify things – you’re installing a receiver to enjoy Freeview programs in crisp, HD picture quality. And what’s the best way to guarantee excellent reception? With the right receiver!

This is a crucial distinction to make because free-to-air TV in Australia is transmitted in two different bands. These are:

  • Very High Frequency (VHF)
  • Ultra High Frequency (UHF)

Before you can choose the right option, you’ll need to know which frequency your nearest broadcast tower uses. When you trust the installation job to the professionals, you guarantee that the receiver on your roof is designed to pick up the correct signal and deliver a superior picture quality. By letting experts assess and identify the frequency you need, you won’t end up wasting money going out to buy a receiver that looks great or has tons of 5-star reviews on Google… only to find it’s not suitable for your Sydney suburb.

Trusting installation to a team of audiovisual experts is also a quick and simple way to stay safe. Whether you’re living in a small two bedroom home in Sydney’s Inner West or an apartment block in Bondi, installing a receiver means accessing the roof of your building. The installers have the know-how and training to get the job done safely so you can sit inside and rest easy while the hard work is done for you.

Odds are you’ve got better things to do with your weekends or spare time than mess around with cables and aerials. A call to a professional installer is a guaranteed time-saver since you won’t need to spend hours reading through user manuals or watching YouTube videos to make sure you’re on the right track. Trained professionals can help you save hours of time by applying their skill and expertise to get the job done fast and effectively.

How you can get more bang for your buck with an expert team

If you’re like most homeowners, you’re not just installing a receiver in isolation. Maybe you’ve got a brand new 65-inch flatscreen that would look incredible on the wall. Or, you’re keen to run cables to multiple rooms so you don’t have to share the TV when everyone’s favourite shows come on.

Many professional installers also specialise in other audiovisual services so you can upgrade your home in one swoop. We repair and replace receivers as well as install Foxtel satellite dishes. That way, you won’t have to organise and pay for multiple services. With no need to risk damaging your prized new TV or end up with sub-par reception that drives you crazy, you can sit back and up your home entertainment game with no stress.

Isn’t it more expensive to hire professional antenna installers?

Yes and no.

It will always cost more upfront to hire a company than to do the job yourself, but don’t forget to factor in the often missed, “invisible” costs that come with a DIY job. Doing it yourself means you increase the risk of incorrect installation, damage to your home, or further reception problems down the line.

Instead of a one-off fee to get your new aerial up you can pay repair fee after repair fee to try and diagnose and fix problems during installation. Instead of settling in to watch ABC or Channel 10, you can be left cursing at constant static and hits to your credit card to organise repairs.

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Accent Antennas Tip: No one wants to spend more money than they need to, but by hiring local experts you’ll enjoy peace of mind warranties with your service. If there’s a problem with installation, you won’t end up out of pocket.

Pros and Cons of Antenna Installation: Overview

Feature Professionals DIY
Correct Aerial ?
Fast Installation ?
Avoid Risk ?
Same or Next Day Service ?
Quality Products ?

How to find a reliable Sydney audiovisual team

Whether you’ve just moved into a new property or have been struggling with poor reception for some time, knowing how to spot the right experts from unlicensed cowboys is crucial. Don’t risk hiring someone through Facebook or hiring a “friend of a friend” (no matter how cheap they offer to do the job).

Your local technicians should be experienced, insured and licensed to ensure the job is done properly and professionally. It can be tough to figure out who’s just talking the talk and who can actually back it up, so when requesting free quotes (we recommend gathering 3 to 5), be sure to ask the following questions:

  • “Where is my nearest transmission tower?”
  • “Do you offer workmanship warranties?”
  • “Do you charge weekend penalty rates?”
  • “Do you have experience with UHF and VHF signals?”
  • “Do you offer any guarantees on satisfaction?”
  • “How long have you worked in Sydney?”
  • “Can you test the signal strength on my roof?”

Getting answers to these types of questions will help you get a feel for a company’s customer service, commitment to delivering results, and industry knowledge.

Want to know more about our track record? Check out our 5-star testimonials here

Trust Accent Antennas for all your aerial and audiovisual needs

We’ve got a team of tech-sperts ready to help you get the best picture quality possible. From testing signal strength on the roof of your home to installing signal amplifiers to enjoy Freeview channels without worry, our fully trained and highly experienced staff can help diagnose and repair any problem.

It’s tempting to think that the DIY option is the most affordable, but what you’ll spend in time and effort can quickly add up. Throw in the risk of unnecessary repairs or poor reception, and trusting the pros becomes the quick, easy AND affordable option.

We pride ourselves on providing the best Australian-made products backed by quality installation with a focus on customer satisfaction. To this end, we back all of our work with a 20-year workmanship warranty and a 5-year warranty on materials, so you’ll never have to worry about your TV again.

Get a fast free quotation for your installation or repair by calling us on 0411 273 648 today!